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Manchin is a Munchkin

A reader shared Joe Manchin's reply to the question of why he voted to impeach President Donald John Trump, which would have overturned the 2016 election. Donald Trump carried West Virginia by the widest margin in the state's history of presidential elections.

Manchin's reply reminded me why people hate Congress. His letter is full of the usual goo that one might expect from a partisan senator who wants to tapdance around the fact that he flipped the bird to the voters back home.

He wrote, "At the beginning of this trial, my colleagues and I took another oath swearing to do impartial justice, and I took that oath very seriously throughout the entire process. The Constitution charges the Senate with the task to serve as a 'court for the trial of impeachment.' The Framers of the Constitution chose the Senate for this grave task because, according to Alexander Hamilton in Federalist 65, they expected Senators to be able to 'preserve, unawed and uninfluenced the necessary impartiality' to discharge this awesome responsibility fairly, without flinching.

"The Framers knew this would not be easy, and that is why they gave the job to the Senate.

"Over the course of the trial, I listened carefully to both the House Managers and the White House Counsel make their case for and against the Articles of Impeachment. I commend both sides for their work in defending their respective positions. I am disappointed the President, his counsel, and a majority of my Republican colleagues decided to not support the inclusion of additional witnesses and documents during the trial. This was the first impeachment trial before the Senate without witnesses, and as such, the Senate failed to meet its Constitutional obligation set forth by the Framers to hold a fair trial and do impartial justice."

If you buy that, I have some Epipens that may interest you.

His claim that this is apolitical of course is untrue. The three presidential impeachments have been partisan affairs with Democrats voting in lock step to acquit the two Democrat presidents, while all voting in lockstep to convict the Republican one.

Only Republicans split their votes as enough voted to acquit to save both Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, while Romney cast a vote to overturn the 2016 election.

Once again, bipartisan means getting one or more Republicans to side with Democrats.

I expect Manchin to be a sleaze-bag politician more interested in power and prestige than the concerns and interests of West Virginians.

What ticked me off was his presumption of guilt.

Manchin wrote, "The President asked a foreign government to intervene in our upcoming election and to harm a domestic political rival. He delayed much-needed security aid for Ukraine to pressure newly elected President Zelensky to do a favor. And he defied lawful subpoenas from the House of Representatives."

The House never voted to subpoena the president or anyone else.

I read the transcript. There was no Quid Pro Quo. You would think that after more than 3 decades in politics that Manchin, of all people, would know what a Quid Pro Quo is.

Manchin does not represent West Virginia. He represents the Lollipop Guild. And he plays West Virginians for suckers.

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