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Manchester City secure famous win at Real thanks to De Bruyne and Jesus - MW

For Manchester City, it is easy to think that this is considered one of the frustrating matches in the Champions League, when the small details oppose them, when their best offensive efforts are nothing.

Pep Guardiola's team, looking at ease despite the loss of their key defender Aymeric Laporte, was injured in the first half and then out of nowhere behind. The concessions were cruel, with Kyle Walker guilty of losing to Vinícius Júnior and after a quick pass, Isco finished.

Real Madrid is flat, uninspired, but it's a team that can get things done. They seem ready to defend a 1-0 lead to reach Etihad Stadium in three weeks.

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The city is not yet finished. Far from there. They felt pain at Real and in a glorious final, they punched. It was a spiritual and elegant victory and it was unleashed by Gabriel Jesus, who approached and refused to believe he would be on the losing side.

Kevin De Bruyne dug an excellent sideline center that eluded Sergio Ramos and asked Jesus to attack him. He did it and his title eluded Thibaut Courtois. Real cried because Jesus' fault on Ramos was unnecessary. The attacker already had a reward for showing his undeniable intensity.

The choice of Guardiola, there are a number of titles, one of which is the omission of Raheem Sterling from the starting lineup. The striker, who was in good shape right after the hamstring incident, was bitterly disappointed but was kicked out for the last push, he helped make the difference, moving away from Dani Carvajal to be cut off. 'a penalty. .

Sergio Agüero, Jesus and Ilkay Gündogan have all missed City's position this season and therefore De Bruyne accepts responsibility. The tension of the travel aids is disturbed but De Bruyne is a snapshot of calm and when he sends Courtois the wrong way, it is a sign of City City's hope to rise.

The club have won only four knockout matches in nine seasons in this competition, but the fifth time is within their grasp, and the cold truth for Real is that they could have looked at the door. Emergency exit.

Guardiola's team called the Kings of the Champions League was ejected by Ramos for a final foul on Jesus, giving FPVad Mahrez the opportunity to score with a free kick from the edge of the area he passed. The city has done the same thing before. Jesus, for example, was out of reach of a Mahrez cross.

But to quibble about extravagance is to ignore City's body of work, the way they have bothered with their impending two-year ban on European football due to the financial irregularities behind them to Create one of their best nights. Has the punishment tightened them? Guardiola said no, although it was fascinating to chat with him.

Guardiola surprised everyone with a break between Fernandinho, Sterling and Agüero, while his 4-4-2 system had Jesus on the left, although he played in the middle for a few minutes, and De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva is the central attacker.

The idea was that the attacking duo would not be able to establish a high press, Mahrez and Jesus expanding the field - using Guardiola's description.

There were also times when De Bruyne and Silva fell more deeply to allow the other two to push as split attackers. In the first 15 minutes, City struggled but they would progress in one match, with an unbroken pace due to the loss of Laporte. Fernandinho fills up transparently.

The city could be pleased with the way it kept Real at bay in advance, even if it gave up a clear opportunity. Karim Benzema found space to cross Ferland Mendy Cross around the corner and it took a superb backup from Ederson to keep him away. Vinícius seems favorite to make a recovery just to slip at the critical moment.

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The town had a better chance in the first half, with Jesus missing the big opportunity after passing De Bruyne and jumping in. His blow was too close to Courtois. There was also a moment of more than 45 minutes when Jesus shot low after Courtois flapped his wings in a corner. The ball was almost out of Ramos before Real Madrid removed it from the road.

The value of an away goal is still excellent and Man City approached it early in the second half. De Bruyne first paused and played in Jesus, who buckled the ball in the upper corner, then Mahrez found the gap behind the defense after a ball over the head. He probably had more time than he thought, but hurriedly shot and saw the block from goalkeeper Real.

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The goal of the Isco rush is a complete surprise, leading Real to take advantage of an inspiring but brief patch when City seems upbeat. How are they going to climb the legs.


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