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Letter to the Editor: Stop Overthinking Things

Dear Editor,

As primary season gets underway one thing is constant in the minds of Democrats: who can beat Trump. This is leading to lots of hand-wringing and overthinking. Let me propose a solution: stop thinking so much. Primaries are for following your heart. General elections are for following your head.
In the last election everyone predicted Jeb Bush would be the nominee. Logically, it made the most sense. Yet it became clear very early on that he didn’t excite people. There’s a video of Jeb attempting to inspire people at an event, pausing where he expected applause and, upon not receiving any, imploring his audience to “please clap”. Yikes! People clearly weren’t passionate about him. You know who people were passionate about? Trump. He energized people and made them want to support him. And they did. What’s the takeaway for Democrats?
Stop overthinking. The election is 9 months away. So much can happen between now and then that attempting to strategically choose a candidate is a fool’s errand. Support the one who inspires you, whose vision of America you want to live in. It’s only with passionate voters that a candidate can succeed and defeat Trump. Cold, calculating logic won’t save us. Passionate, inspired involvement will.
Amie Acton
Alfred Station, NY

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