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Last Night's Nevada Democratic Debate Was One Of The Most Entertaining That I Have Seen In A Long Time

John Podhoretz, New York Post: Nevada Democratic debate was the greatest debate in human history

Forget Lincoln and Douglas. Forget Nixon and Kennedy. Hell, forget the Athenians and the Melians back during the Peloponnesian War. Last night’s Democratic primary slagfest in Nevada was the greatest debate in all of human history.

Oh, was it glorious — the sheer raging hostility spraying across the stage as every campaign besides the Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg bids faces the desperate possibility that each might fade into the woodwork against the Bernie surge and the Bloomberg billions.

It’s not that the gloves were off. No, my friends, everybody was wearing steel-tipped boots and going right for the crotch. Those weren’t snowflakes. They were nunchucks.

Some priceless highlights:

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WNU Editor: John Podhoretz sums up the debate better than I can in the above post. I expected more from Mayor Bloomberg, but this was just one debate. But at the end I said to myself that this is now a contest between Senator Sanders and Mayor Bloomberg, with Senator Sanders having the edge.

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