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Kurdish Leader: ISIS Now 20,000 Fighters In IRaq And Syria

ISIS has 20,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria, double the number it had when it started capturing territory across the region in 2014, a Kurdish leader has warned (file image)

Daily Mail: ISIS has DOUBLE the number of soldiers across Iraq and Syria than it did when it swept through the region in 2014, Kurdish leader warns

* Trump has proclaimed 'victory' over ISIS, wants to withdraw from Middle East
* But Kurdish leader Masrour Barzani warns the group is rallying for a comeback
* Terrorists have 20,000 fighters, he claims, double the number they had when they began capturing territory in Syria and Iraq in 2014
* Terror group is also thought to have a war chest of $300m to wage attacks with

ISIS has double the number of soldiers it had when it began capturing territory in Iraq and Syria in 2014 and is poised for a comeback, a Kurdish leader has warned.

Masrour Barzani, prime minister of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, issued the stark warning amid moves by President Trump to withdraw US troops from the region after years of fighting.

While ISIS has lost all of its territory and much of its leadership, Barzani believes the terror group still has 20,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria and is trying to recruit more.

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Update: ISIS is Poised for a Comeback as it Doubled its Troop Number (Albawaba)

WNU Editor: I am sure there are many in the region that support ISIS. But 20,000 ISIS soldiers?!?!?! I have some doubts.

Update #2: A sobering analysis on ISIS .... The Inconvenient Truth About ISIS (Mike Giglio and Kathy Gilsinan, The Atlantic)

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