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Killing Iowa to save Biden

Nate Silver's 538 site said the final unreleased Iowa Poll had Biden in fourth place behind Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg. CNN and the Des Moines Register paid for the poll and censored it.

The Iowa Democrat Party did the same with Monday's caucus results.

It is likely 538 got the results with the understanding it would not release the results until the caucuses ended and the information was useless. That is how journalism works.

No one should surprised by the clumsy attempts by CNN, the Des Moines newspaper, and Iowa Democrat Party to rig the election. In 2008, the fix was in for Obama. In 2016, the fix was in for Hillary. And in 2020. the fix is in for Biden -- except the Iowa Democrat Party does not have enough Fixodent to seal the deal. Pelosi's Impeachment Folly has made Biden too toxic to win the nomination.

The DNC does not know what to do. Biden bombed in the caucus but they do not want the public to know.

And so the party blames bad software.

HuffPost reported, "A tech company affiliated with, and funded by, ACRONYM, a Democratic digital nonprofit group that has rapidly expanded in recent years, was responsible for building the Iowa caucus app that contributed to delays in reporting Monday night’s results in the first vote in the party’s presidential race.

"Multiple Democratic sources, including one of the presidential campaigns, confirmed the app’s creator. State campaign finance records indicate the Iowa Democratic Party paid Shadow, a tech company that joined with ACRONYM last year, more than $60,000 for website development over two installments in November and December of last year. A Democratic source with knowledge of the process said those payments were for the app that caucus site leaders were supposed to use to upload the results at their locales."

Shadow. ACRONYM. The DNC is treating donor money like it came from Ukraine. Maybe it did. Maybe Hunter Biden sits on the board of the company. Only the Shadow knows.

The New York Times ran a piece on Friday, "Iowa Will Be the First Test Case for 2020 Election Security. The good news is that caucuses are inherently safer than traditional elections. But campaigns remain dangerously exposed to hackers, and election systems in many states are still vulnerable."

Some would say the Iowa Democrat Party failed. I think they succeeded quite well in their attempt to sabotage the results of their own caucus. By withholding the results, Iowa Democrats rendered the caucus results meaningless, therefore keeping Biden viable as a candidate. There are only 3 tickets out of Iowa, as they say. Finishing fourth (likely fifth) would have killed Biden. But this way, everyone gets a ticket so everyone lives again.

The Iowa Caucus was all a dream. Biden was just taking a shower.

As a bonus, Democrats killed the Iowa Caucus. I predict it will become another primary state in 2024, and likely will fall later in the nomination process. Democrats are done with Iowa because it is too old, too white, and too American. If only Obama had colonized Iowa with refugees as was done in Michigan and Minnesota.

The Iowa Democrat Party fell on the grenade for Biden in scotching the caucus results, just as CNN and the Des Moines newspaper fell on their grenade in scotching their poll results.

It is for the greater good, comrade.

The irony is that Democrats and their handmaidens in the media do so to protect their party from the first openly communist member of the Senate.

Republicans meanwhile counted their votes quickly and moved on.
UPDATE: Please vote. Encourage them.

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