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Just being against Trump won't work

Earlier, I mentioned the DNC's Anybody But Bernie campaign likely will fail because such previous campaigns failed. They fail because they are aimed at populist movements within the party to overthrow the Establishment after the party screwed up.

Iowa underscored the incompetence of the Democrat Establishment. The DNC went with an app created by leftovers from Hillary's campaign, which was the most expensive ever -- and least successful Democrat campaign since Dukakis. Of course the app failed. Bernie's fans do not trust the results as reported. No one should.

Maybe Democrats will rally behind Alfred E. Neuman. He seems to have tied Bernie in Iowa and the polls show him doing well. The Billionaires for Buttigieg Club is shelling out the money.

But the young man has not told us why he wants to be president other than he's gay and was in the military.

We all know why Bernie is running and what he stands for. Communism. That put him ahead of everyone else in the crowd.

Instead, the rest of the crowd says he (or she) is the only one who can beat President Donald John Trump.

Bernie says that too. But he also says from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!
The press ignores and even ridicules ideas in a presidential election campaign, which is why Reagan and President Trump surprised them.

But ideas do matter. Donald Trump won not because he was a billionaire or TV celebrity or a demagogue. He won because he had the idea of building the wall, kicking illegal aliens out, re-opening our factories, and Making America Great Again.

Hillary ran because she wanted to become the first woman president. Change woman to gay and you have Buttigieg's platform.

In 2016, millions of people held their noses, prayed, and voted for The Donald. They voted for him not because of who he is but what his plan was. Their faith was rewarded handsomely.

Besides Bernie, no one in the Democrat field has articulated a vision of America.

Oh sure, they have made a bunch of promises. But how does handing a $1.6 trillion bailout to mainly white, young professionals help America? How does giving people money because they are black help America? How does confiscating guns help America?

Where is their vision? What do they stand for? Who are these people? Why would anyone vote for them?

A battle between Bernie and President Trump would pit communism against capitalism. It is time to get this out of our system. Do we want to become Soviet America? Let America choose between the Last Red Diaper Baby and the son of a millionaire from Long Island who was born in Queens.

You may or may not like them, but at least voters know who they are and what they stand for.

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