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Israeli Defense Minister Says Will Turn Syria Into 'Iranian Vietnam'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Naftali Bennett visit Golan Heights base overlooking Syria last year. Image source: GPO/Haaretz

Zero Hedge: Israel To Step Up "Offensive Action" - Will Turn Syria Into "Iranian Vietnam": Israeli Defense Chief

After over two years of sporadic Israeli air and missile attacks inside Syria, which Syria's military has been more aggressive in responding to of late, Israel has issued a rare statement revealing its medium to long-term strategy, saying it will soon step up "offensive action" in the country to ensure Iranian fighters depart.

Speaking to Ynet News on Wednesday the new Israeli Defense Minister, Naftali Bennett said, “We will go from preventive action to offensive action — the only measure that guarantees us the expulsion of Iran out of Syria.”

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Update #1: Naftali Bennett: To stop Gaza terror, focus on Iran and Syria (Jerusalem Post)
Update #2: Israel turns its effort from Hamas, Hezbollah to Iran (Middle East Monitor)

WNU Editor: Iran is fully committed to keeping a presence in Syria. It is going to make more than threats from the Israeli Defense Minister to force them out.

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