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Is The U.S. Facing A Bernie Sanders v Donald Trump Presidential Election?

Anthony Zurcher, BBC: US election 2020: Could it be Bernie Sanders v Donald Trump?

Bernie Sanders is firmly the front-runner in the race to become the Democratic challenger to Republican President Donald Trump, fresh from a victory this week in the second state-by-state contest. His support is fervent but is his party, let alone the country, ready to embrace such an unusual candidate?

Bernie Sanders likes to call his presidential campaign a revolution, but these days it feels more like a touring rock concert.

The Vermont senator may seem like an unlikely front-man for bands like Vampire Weekend and The Strokes, but both have served as his warm-up acts, playing at recent campaign rallies.

But the thousands of fans in packed arenas reserve their loudest cheers for the scruffy-haired 78-year-old candidate with a clipped Brooklyn accent.

After nearly a year-long marathon of rallies, meetings, debates and ground-laying, the Sanders campaign is now entering a sprint of near-nonstop activity that will carry it through dozens of states across the country - an impressive test of endurance for a man who just months ago was hospitalised for a heart attack.

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WNU Editor: Too early to say that it will be a Bernie Sanders v Donald Trump Presidential election.

Update: I agree .... Bernie Is the Opponent Trump Wants (Slate).

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