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Impeachment was good for the USA

On Tuesday, President Donald John Trump got liberals to defend long mandatory sentencing by commuting sentences and pardons, reversing a few Trophy Convictions by the deep staters in DOJ.

Liberals in turn had made Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich a sympathetic character by going after President Donald John Trump all the time over hoaxes. This exposed the disturbing power deep state. If they can do this to a president, no one is safe. This cast enough shade on the Blagojevich conviction to end his sentence at 10 years.

Impeachment made this possible. The 3-year obsession with removing President Donald John Trump from office consumed and defeated Democrats. They should have worked with him. Obama should have been man enough to admit defeat, and given him a peaceful transition of power. This would have allowed the party to heal itself and prepare properly for 2020.

Instead, they resisted. All this did was get them all worked up and show how incompetent they are. They should have accepted defeat after the Mueller report, but no, they continued to try to bring down this president, which resulted in an impotent impeachment that wound up knocking out their best chance for winning in 2020, Joe Biden.

Without someone who appears to be moderate, Democrats are overrun by communist kooks.
The party is so broke that its insiders are renting it to Bloomberg. These fools can no longer count votes. Weeks after the Iowa Caucus ended, the votes are still being tallied. Politico reported, "Pete Buttigieg's already narrow state delegate equivalent lead over Bernie Sanders has reduced further, to less than a hundredth of a percentage point, after the Iowa Democratic Party announced the results of a recanvass of targeted precincts from the state's Democratic caucuses.

"Buttigieg now leads Sanders by .08 state delegate equivalents, according to results posted by the state party — 26.186 percent for Buttigieg to 26.182 percent for Sanders. The initial results were marred by apparent reporting or mathematical errors."

The party is headed to a disaster named Bernie in November. Impeachment cost Democrats in Congress the plausible deniability congressional Democrats had with McGovern in 1972 and Mondale in 1984. Democrats in Congress had worked with Nixon and Reagan, which allowed for enough splitting of tickets to keep the House safely in Democrat hands.

That will not work this time. Nancy and company cannot divorce themselves from Sanders because they impeached President Donald John Trump instead of working with him.

Impeachment was very good for President Donald John Trump.

The Hill reported, "Trump has also reported impressive fundraising numbers. The Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign said they raised $60.6 million in January and $525 million since January of last year.

"The Democratic presidential field and the Democratic National Committee raised a combined $580 million in 2019, but much of what the candidates have raised has been quickly spent in the battle for the nomination."

In turn, impeachment is good for America because anything bad for Democrats is good for the USA. Impeachment exposed Democrats for who they are. Impeachment provided the clarity needed for the cleansing. We now see that the ABCs of the Democrat Party are it is abusive, bitter, and communist. Gone is the mask that hid their incrementalism.

The party eschewed civility after its defeat in 2016. There is a lesson to be learned. November will be a remedial class for Democrats.

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