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Guns, not socialism, are why Mini Mike is angry at Bernie

Mini Mike is attacking Breadline Bernie with a passion, but not because Comrade Sanders will confiscate wealth, cap income, or tear into the banks. Nanny Bloomberg is angry with Sanders over the one thing BS won't do: confiscate guns.

Old Breadline represents Vermont, the only state to never restrict carrying a concealed weapon.

The Daily Mail reported, "Bloomberg on Monday launched a new online ad that blasts Sanders for multiple votes against the Brady Bill, a key handgun control measure, and for accepting support from the National Rifle Association.

"Sanders has cited the views of gun owners in his rural state, as he did in a presidential debate – only to have Bloomberg use his defense in the ad. A Bloomberg release quotes a surrogate, former Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake, saying Sanders is ‘not fighting for urban Americans at all.

"Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s is using its nearly unlimited resources to take on ‘frontrunner’ Bernie Sanders – launching a scathing online attack Monday on Sanders for opposing gun control measures, and pouring more resources into its multi-million TV ad blitz.

"The effort was a signal that Bloomberg intends to use his 2,000-plus campaign staff and massive TV spending blitz – at $400 million and counting – to try to take on Sanders, who has mostly avoided getting hammered by rivals despite strong and consistent performance in the polls."

The ads portray Commie Bernie as a tool of the NRA.

That is worse than his support of Communist Cuba because, well, Mini Mike supports Red China.
Obama was lazy and a figurehead. But you don't go from backbencher in Springfield to the presidency in 4 years without being a political savant. He realized Americans will not give up their guns.

And that is the one thing Mini Mike wants Americans to do.

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