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With the Akimbo bonus weapons currently living in Modern Warfare, we offer exclusive tips on how to unlock them quickly and use them effectively. Includes a technique that allows you to aim at sight even when using Akimbo.
One of the two main changes with the second part is the advantage of the Akimbo weapon, available for all shotguns if you complete a special challenge.

An Akimbo weapon allows you to use two pistols at the same time, which allows you to put multiple bullets on the scope. However, this must be paid for precisely, as you cannot aim with Akimbo weapons (in most cases).

If you've never tried Akimbo rifles or are looking for a new way to play with Akimbo weapons, here are some tips straight from Akimbo Aficionados on the Activision Games blog: Unlock Akimbo

To obtain Akimbo for a particular shotgun, you must obtain three bullets with this pistol equipped with a specific weapon in five distinct games (ex: Obtain 3 eliminations in 5 Combat matches with different Frangible Wound attacks with M19.).

Here are some general tips for unlocking Akimbo with each pistol quickly:

· Dangerous proximity. For shotguns like the M19, their type of ammunition is intended to provide a small recoil, to experience a high rate of fire. These features are more advantageous in close range shooting, where you can go beyond long-range weapons with shotguns.

· Keep a distance. For shotguns with stronger ammunition, like the .357, they are more effective when used for more accuracy. Be patient with your shots and respect the target to make the most of these additional weapons.

· Blueprint weapon privileges. Some Blueprint weapons have the weapon advantage necessary to complete each Akimbo rifle challenge. For example, Pixie cutter from Valentine Valentine 'Slay Bundle, has the FMJ capacity needed to unlock the Akimbo weapon. Try to dig through this armory and see if you have the weapons you need before using the gun you want to get at Akimbo.

· Use additional loading slots. Each Akimbo shotgun challenge can be completed in five games if you are good enough and plan ahead. Place each pistol in the game with their respective unlock criteria on five charges. As soon as you have killed three times with a pistol, stop the game, go to the Modify your charge screen and choose to reload the following shotgun for your next life.

· Two rifles, one stone. Did you know that there is a new set of quests related to the use of shotguns? If you want to find serious XP and new cosmetic items with a great design, consider activating the Pistoleer mission before using Akimbo on all shotguns.

Of course, if you want to check Akimbo before unlocking it on each pistol, take a look at the Akimbo Bund Pack, which provides the Executer pistol with integrated Akimbo.

Akimbo advice and selection of shooters

As mentioned earlier, Akimbo weapons double your firepower at the correct cost, since you will fire these weapons in most cases. In most cases, this makes a shotgun more effective at close range, where accuracy is important.

Let's take an example from our first Gunsmith proposition, using the first unlocked shotgun for your loading process:

Here we have the Laser Defiler 5mW Urban Defiler, which dramatically increases the accuracy of firepower at the cost of these lasers seen by enemies. What was gained by the enemy was a fast muzzle, blocked by another Urban Defiler base attached to the Muzzle Guard.

From there, we traded in for 26 Mags Round for additional magazines per magazine and Light Trigger to be able to shoot more with Akimbo pistols.

Speaking of putting many photos in the lineup, let this look at Executer, but this time with new attachments:

A major change we have made is the exchange of the Match Trigger, which increases the accuracy of the shot from the hip, with the Light Trigger, allowing faster shooting speed without sacrificing accuracy. We also extended the magazine to 15 bullets, but otherwise the weapons were barely used.

1 mW laser for better accuracy of the shot from the hip without exposing yourself to enemies, while the muzzle stabilizes the recoil that will happen to this weapon.

The last of the trio of small handguns was the M19, the fourth of five handguns. With the possibility of equipping a magazine with 32 magazines, the M19 is a weapon designed to be used with Akimbo.

In this weapon mod, we show a muzzle that sometimes receives a lot of echo: oil can suppressor. Due to its large number, aiming the gun sights with the oil can suppressor can be funny, as it completely obstructs the views of the iron and some optics.

But, when Akimbo doesn't allow you to aim normally, Oil Can Suppressor, which offers a greater buff range than the monolithic Supressor, becomes extremely doable. Here we stack this range with the XRK Super L barrel, which greatly improves the M19 range. Then, to gather our weapons, we launched lasers of 5 mW for greater precision and 32 Mags Round for a maximum supply of ammunition.

For the two higher caliber pistols, we will start with .357, we have equipped with a single bullet called Snake Shot.

Akimbo Snake Shot .357 is like double handguns; You have to win to worry about excessive hip shooting and getting serious firepower with bullets. Combine it with a 0.357 long barrel, light activation and 5mW laser and you get a serious dangerous save for any primary weapon you use.

The unlockable pistol can finally benefit from Akimbo, although its use case is a single shot machine based on precise shots.

However, for this weapon, we have the Pixie Cutter design of the 'Valentine, Slay' package, equipped, we can equip several accessories to increase the range for a long range punch with potential. strict. Although not as precise as aiming, this weapon can still be a great stealth option using its monolithic suppressor, and get a long section of footage with enough practice. .

For more general advice, note that Akimbo takes the position of the weapon advantage, which means that you cannot use Full Loaded, a maximum starting ammunition advantage for weapons. Because Akimbo pistols can be limited, use them with the Scavenger advantage

Also, for weapons contained in 0.45 ACP or 9mm, try to use them in large caliber main magazines, such as the new Striker-45, which are located in .45 ACP. There are two shared caliber weapons that allow you to use the two weapons to store weapons together, in short, give you more ammo for Akimbo pistols of the same caliber with a caliber of 9 mm or 0.45 ACP.

A little-known tip about Akimbo is that you can technically aim a shotgun with Akimbo, but only on stairs. In this case, your operator will take out the pistol on the right and will be able to aim it, allowing you to make precise shots while protecting yourself on a ladder.

In the end, it may sound obvious, but putting a range on an Akimbo rifle might not be the smartest decision, since you can't aim unless you're on a ladder. This is particularly suitable for the Lockwood pistol range above 0.357, even if it looks pretty cool.

That said, we will meet you online.


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