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German Government Approves Funds For A New Fighter Jet

DW: Bundestag approves funds for German-French fighter jet

Germany has voted to pay €77 million for the first prototypes of a "new generation fighter" for European armed forces. The country's defense minister has called it a concrete step towards European security.

Bundestag lawmakers approved on Wednesday the initial funds for a transnational project with France to create a new fighter jet and develop a program aimed at bringing together European military forces.

Representatives in German parliament's lower chamber signed-off on loans worth €77 million ($83 million) to build the first sets of the "new generation fighter." France is expected to contribute the same amount.

The research initiative forms an important part of Germany's joint Future Combat Air System (FCAS) with Spain and is part of a wider plan to draw back on the European Union's long dependency on US aircraft, drones and satellites.

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WNU Editor: The Germans and French have high hopes for this future fighter .... What If the EU Got a Franco-German Stealth Fighter Superior to the F-35? (National Interest).

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