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First Passengers Disembark From Virus-Infected Cruise Ship In Japan

Daily Mail: 'I've seen Ebola and I was scared - the bureaucrats were in charge': Japanese expert reveals his horror at medical bungling aboard Coronavirus cruise ship that has incubated over 600 infections

* Japanese disease expert Kentaro Iwata said conditions on the Diamond Princess were 'completely chaotic'
* Infectious diseases expert is one of many scientists to slam quarantine in video that racked up a million views
* He placed himself in 14-day quarantine to avoid giving it to his family after 542 were infected during lockdown
* Iwata was in Africa during the Ebola outbreak and China in 2003 to deal with SARS but was never scared of getting infected myself before

A Japanese disease expert has branded the Diamond Princess quarantine a 'major failure', 'completely inadequate' and a 'mistake' as he slammed the 'bureaucrats' in charge.

Kentaro Iwata said the situation on board the vessel was worse than outbreaks he had dealt with in the past, such as Ebola in Africa and the 2003 SARS crisis in China, as he feared he would also be infected.

The professor said in a YouTube video that on board the Diamond Princess was the only time he feared getting disease himself.

He placed himself in a 14-day quarantine for fear of infecting his family after a brief visit on board the ship yesterday.

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