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First Case Of The Coronavirus Has Been Confirmed In Africa

Egypt’s Health Ministry announced, Friday first Coronavirus infection for a ‘foreigner’ inside the country. Photo via Facebook

Daily Mail: Coronavirus spreads to Egypt as country confirms a 'foreigner' is now infected with the disease in Africa's first case

* Egypt confirmed first case of coronavirus, making it the 28th country to do so
* No details have been given of the patient, other than the fact the are a 'foreigner'
* The individual has been placed in quarantine, according to the health ministry

The killer coronavirus has now spread to Egypt, with authorities saying a 'foreigner' is infected.

The health ministry said in a statement that it had immediately informed the World Health Organization and had taken all necessary preventative measures.

It did not give the nationality of the affected person or any other details.

The individual has been placed in quarantine.

Egypt is believed to be the 28th country to record a case of the killer virus and it is the first in Africa.

Experts and African leaders have expressed concern that should the virus spread to the continent, it could wreak havoc among less developed countries with fewer health resources.

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WNU Editor: I shudder when I think what this virus can do to the undeveloped countries in Africa, and the warzones and refugee camps in the Middle East.

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