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Elizabeth Hollin's Within the Mind of a Budtender - February 2020

Cannabis, the pain reliever, the inflammation reducer…the love drug?

All across the world, there are stories from a wide-range of individuals claiming the aphrodisiac powers that cannabis can possess. Have you experienced similar situations?

Those bursts of euphoria and genuine relaxed happiness to help lift the weight of the world off of your shoulders? I know I have.

Though the few studies that have been done in regards to researching the correlation can be opposing in result, it’s a common consensus that more research should be performed because the possibilities are there. Studies have shown an increase in sexual frequency reported in cannabis users, a potential slight testosterone boost, and of course, the mood enhancing capabilities of the plant. Luckily, with the expanding regulation surrounding cannabis, new research will soon be abundant. 

For those of us looking for that instantaneous euphoria before enjoying that special moment with our special someone, here are a few strains that claim to be the best when it comes to their love-boosting properties:

1- Trainwreck…Don’t worry, your experience shouldn’t take after the name. Rather, you’ll feel bursts of euphoria and happiness, feelings to help put your mind in the perfect state to play, with the sativa-sided energy that you’ll need to keep you going…and going…and going.

2- Granddaddy Purple…Our first example was a sativa-dominant, and naturally some individuals don’t prefer those heady effects. With Granddaddy Purple, you don’t have to worry about your sativa fears, but rather sink back into pockets of euphoria and full-body relaxation to take your time to the next level of intimacy. Get ready to cuddle after. 

3- AC/DC…Stop running from lower THC levels. Though this strain has higher CBD levels and lower THC levels than other strains, this helps ensure users still receive a light sativa-like high, with its energy and bursts of happiness, as well as the chance to forget about their daily aches and pains for a few blissful moments in time. 

4- Atomic Northern Lights…This strain has story lists as long as its name. Sadly, it’s not one that I’ve gotten to personally try yet. Claims of a strong sense of arousal, deep euphoria, relaxation, and overall happiness put this as my Number 1 need-to-try strain. This cross of Thai Haze and Afghani is bound to take you for a wild ride, and keep you coming back for more.

5- Grateful Breath…Another strain that I don’t believe I’ve gotten to personally try, reviews speak of its ability to heighten nearly every sensation. I can only imagine how that could turn up the heat, not to mention, the buds are beautiful. 

A personal favorite of mine recently has been Strawberry Guava #3. Nearly alcoholically fruity, it had a creeping full-body relaxation with a lovely splash of euphoria.

These days, it’s not just smoking that you would have to rely on to benefit from these experiences. Not all of us need to light up to enjoy the same feelings. 

Add a little bit of Foria’s CBD Awakening lubricant to help enhance your intimate moments. A bit of a gentle tingling heat, with a mild time-enhancing quality, with the ability to last all evening, this would make an excellent little adult-friendly bedside table addition. Or maybe enjoy just letting a few small pieces of a Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar melt in your mouth. The delicious taste of berry with the richness of the chocolate is bound to have you feeling a little warm and fuzzy inside. 

There are so many ways to take that extra step up, and spice up your personal time. If you’re curious about the options out there, speak with your trusted budtender about their offers and what could work for you. 

Don’t settle for a vanilla Valentine’s Day this year. Pick up a little something for you and your partner to enjoy on an extra special night-in, and don’t be too hard on yourself when you sleep through the next morning’s alarm. 

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