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Democrat losers and big losers in NH

Now to sort out the losers and the losers from the Democrat Apprentice show in New Hampshire.

Byron York asked, "What happened to Elizabeth Warren?"

My short answer is she took a DNA test. A little longer answer adds and misread it. My even longer answer adds and bragged about it. Being 1/1,024th Indian does not make you Pocahontas.

But everyone makes a mistake that a winner overcomes. She couldn't. She compounded it by being a schoolmarm, who scolded everyone about everything in the name of Karl Marx. Her attempts to balance this by being one of us failed because she is not. This underscored her lack of authenticity as witnessed by her false claim to an Indian heritage.

The next loser on the list is Joe Biden. We know what happened to him: age and corruption. He was the White Knight of Obamania, who would bring on the heyday of 7% unemployment and one in six Americans on food stamps.

Age happens, but the impeachment revealed him to be a crook as well. This was eye-opening for me. Washington may see snagging a million-dollar-a-year no show job for sonny as business as usual bit the rest of us don't.

Ying Yang and fell short as expected. Running for president is as Woody Allen described bank robbing: the money is good, you get to travel, and you can be your own boss. The donors will move on to some other scam, maybe buying oceanfront property in Nevada.

The big losers were Breadline Bernie, Alfred E. Newman, and Amy Klobuchar (horse whinny). One of them will get nominated now unless Mini Mike buys his way in.

Who won in New Hampshire?

Right now, President Donald John Trump looks to repeat 2016. Defections among his supporters are rare and he has expanded his base.

His approval rate is 49%?

So what? It stood at 36% on Election Day 2016.

That 13-point gain -- if it holds -- indicates he will take more than 30 states this time. 6 Hillary states will be battlegrounds: Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and thanks to a proposed gun confiscation law, Virginia.

Ohio is solidly Trump Country. Only one president won without Ohio in the last century: JFK.

Pocahontas and the rest can move on with their lives. The other 3 cannot. One of them will be stuck staying in this farce through November. Maybe 2 if Bernie wins and picks one of the other 2 as a running mate.

The race for 2024 has begin. Maybe that is the goal of Buttigieg and Klobuchar. Ask Howard Dean how that works.

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