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DEC Statewide Forest Ranger Highlights - Allegany County

Town of Allen
Allegany County
Flat Ice Rescue Training:
On Feb. 13, Region 9 Forest Rangers conducted a flat-ice rescue training on Allen Lake, a popular destination for water-based recreation in the Allen Lake State Forest. Rangers practiced rescuing a victim from the water using throw ropes, reach poles, and self-extraction, and simulated rescuer techniques including the use of an inflatable kayak. Forest Ranger John Kennedy utilized a new technique by maneuvering an UAV drone to drop a personal flotation device to help secure a victim before other rescuers extracted him from the ice.

DEC reminds New Yorkers to be safe when heading out on the ice. The presence of snowmobile tracks or footprints on the ice should not be taken as evidence of safe ice conditions. Individuals are strongly encouraged to check ice conditions and avoid situations that appear to present even a remote risk. For more information about being safe on the ice, go to DEC's Ice Fishing website.

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