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Coronavirus: South Korea reports more than 800 new cases

South Korea has reported more than 800 new cases of coronavirus infection, bringing the total number of infected countries to 3,150, the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said on Saturday.

The country first reported 594 new cases, but later reported that an additional 219 new cases had been confirmed.

Together, they have recorded a record increase in infection since South Korea confirmed its patients on January 20. Another person has been confirmed dead from the virus, bringing the death toll to 17.

South Korea called on its citizens to stay inside and warns that they are facing an important moment in Islam in the fight against the coronavirus.

South Korean Deputy Minister of Health Kim Kang-lip said: `` We have asked you not to attend public events, including a religious demonstration or demonstration, this weekend. Stay at home and avoid going out and minimize contact with others.

Up to 476 new cases have come from the southeastern city of Daegu, where there was a church at the center of the epidemic. Health officials checked 210,000 church members and 65,000 interns.

Australia has banned travel to Iran because of the coronavirus, placing it on the same level of restriction as China, after the first case in Australia of a person who had gone to Iran tested positive for Covid-19.

Health officials in the United States reportedly concerned about the spread of coronaviruses in West Coast communities after three patients - one in Oregon, one in California and one in Washington - were infected by unknown means
Iran has the highest number of coronavirus novel deaths outside of China. There have been at least 34 reported deaths, but it is believed that the actual number could be much higher. The United States has also stepped up travel advice, raising Iran and Italy to the tertiary level, advising people to avoid unnecessary travel.

Iran travel ban announced in Australia after authorities said they were trying to locate up to 40 people who could have been cared for on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland returning to Iran on Monday and later fell ill. It tested positive for the coronavirus.

The British government has confirmed that a British expatriate among the six passengers died from a coronavirus after being aboard the cruise ship Diamond Princess. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: Ten We support the family of a Briton who died in Japan and in contact with local authorities. We sympathize and think with his family in these difficult times.

The last patient in the UK is the first to fall ill in the UK. The medical director, Professor Chris Whitty, said it was unclear whether the Surrey man had contracted directly or indirectly with someone who had just returned from abroad. Friday, a total of four new cases in England, including the first positive test confirmed in Wales in a woman from Swansea. She traveled to northern Italy, the most affected region in Europe, where 21 deaths and 820 cases have been confirmed. Two new patients in the UK have been infected with the virus in Iran and are being treated in a specialized unit at the Royal Free Hospital in London, said Whitty.

Mainland China recorded 427 new cases, all but four in Hubei province. There have been around 80,000 confirmed cases in mainland China. The number of deaths increased by 47, bringing the total number of deaths to 2,835.

In Japan, the traditional cherry blossom festivals in Tokyo and Osaka, which attract millions of people keen to see white and pink flowers, will not take place as planned in April. We are sorry for those who are looking forward to seeing it ... but let us understand, to you, said Mint the Japan Mint in Osaka.

The US government will suspend a scheduled meeting of ASEAN leaders in Las Vegas on March 14 on the fear of coronavirus. The UN has urged ministers and diplomats not to travel to New York at a meeting of the Committee on the Status of Women next week.

Worldwide, approximately 85,000 cases of Covid-19 and approximately 2,900 deaths. The virus has been detected in 58 countries.


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