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Coronavirus Cases Outside Of China Are Now Doubling Everyday (Graph)

WNU Editor: From Zero Hedge ....

.... First, we'd just like to comment on the numbers above and explain why we think they're important for investors and the general public to keep in mind.

Though deaths and confirmed cases outside China are still far below the number confirmed inside China, since nobody trust's China's numbers given the current state of the economy (why would so many people - 760 million - need to be on lockdown for a problem that's mostly localized to Hubei?) the trajectory of these numbers is probably the best barometer for how the outbreak is going.

Bottom line. No one trusts the Chinese numbers and their reportage on the severity of the disease, even though 500,000,000 Chinese citizens are now under lock-down. We are only going to get a better understanding of this virus from other countries, and how it spreads and its impact on ts victims. If the above graph is accurate, we are going to know the answers in the next two to three weeks.

Update: There are conflicting reports that Dr Liu Zhiming, head of Wuhan hospital, has died .... Head of Wuhan hospital who caught coronavirus is 'still having treatment' say health officials - after Chinese media reported he DIED (Daily Mail). When the health workers are sick and dying, that is when you know this epidemic is dire.

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