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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- February 12, 2020

Malcolm S. McNeil, CNBC: Why the world economy will be facing China’s coronavirus for a long time

* The coronavirus, now officially designated as Covid-19, is not just a short-term hiccup, and no vaccine can solve longer-term corporate issues it has revealed.
* China invested decades in building cross-border relationships in a deliberate fashion.
* The world’s second-largest economy will not be off limits to future investment, but there will be wariness and caution and businesses seeking alternatives.

Everywhere we look we see the headlines and commentators talking about the coronavirus and its impact on tourism, trade and investment between China and the West — and China and the U.S., in particular. However, there are far-reaching effects that have not been contemplated fully beyond the intuitive assessment.

Things move slowly. China has long been known as a country with patience, which in business language translates to longer lead times in the transactional arena, sometimes exhaustive negotiations, and relationships are built over time. Many of these relationships are created in the environment of trade shows, conferences, information exchange platforms, and trade delegations. China has finely tuned this method of cross-border introductions and it is a continuous process.

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- February 12, 2020

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