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China Implements Severe Measures To 'Tame' The Coronavirus Outbreak

Chinese city Wuhan is ‘ghost town’ amid quarantine

DNYUZ: To Tame Coronavirus, Mao-Style Social Control Blankets China

SHANGHAI — China has flooded cities and villages with battalions of neighborhood busybodies, uniformed volunteers and Communist Party representatives to carry out one of the biggest social control campaigns in history.

The goal: to keep hundreds of millions of people away from everyone but their closest kin.

The nation is battling the coronavirus outbreak with a grass-roots mobilization reminiscent of Mao-style mass crusades not seen in China in decades, essentially entrusting front line epidemic prevention to a supercharged version of a neighborhood watch.

Housing complexes in some cities have issued the equivalents of paper hall passes to regulate how often residents leave their homes. Apartment buildings have turned away their own tenants if they have come from out of town. Train stations block people from entering cities if they cannot prove they live or work there. In the countryside, villages have been gated off with vehicles, tents and other improvised barriers.

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WNU Editor: The empty streets and subways in Shanghai and Beijing is what shocks me. This si proof to me that the Chinese government has been successful in implementing their own "Mao-style" of social control. But will this last? Only time will tell. In the meantime the government is using this crisis to silent dissent .... ‘This may be the last piece I write’: prominent Xi critic has internet cut after house arrest (The Guardian).

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