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China's Hubei Province Reports A Shocking 242 New Coronavirus Deaths And 14,840 New Cases

Daily Mail: Coronavirus deaths leap 242 in a single day - the biggest rise ever - as total cases soar past 60,000 after China changes the way it diagnoses sufferers

* Hubei Health Commission announced 242 new recorded deaths in a single day
* Also found 15,000 more people have been infected than previously thought
* It came as the commission began including 'clinically diagnosed' cases
* Newly found figure accounts for more than half of the total fatalities

Coronavirus deaths have leapt 242 in a single day - the biggest rise ever - as the total cases of infection soar past 60,000.

There were 242 deaths on Thursday alone in Hubei province and authorities also found that even more people than they thought were infected.

After changing the way they record the virus, the Hubei Health Commission found there were 15,000 more than they thought. That means the figure shot up from 45,000 to 60,000 in the world in a single day.

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WNU Editor: These numbers are shocking. And so much for the media narrative earlier on Wednesday that the epidemic was levelling off. Bottom line .... China has lost control of this epidemic, and I cannot help but feel that we are on the verge of a pandemic that the world has not seen in over a century.

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