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Canfield Fair to offer Cen.Pe.Co. Unlimited SS Challenge

$ 5000.00 TO WIN

• The total class purse will be $20,000.00
• Purse will pay to the top twelve placing tractors with $5000.00 to win
• 2=$4000; 3=$3000; 4=$2000; 5=$1400; 6=$1100; 7=$1000; 8=$ 800; 9=$600; 10=$450; 11=$350; 12=$300
• A trophy/award will be presented to the class winner by Canfield and Cen.Pe.Co.

• This is an “open entry” class – NO memberships are required for registration
• Pre-Entry fee is $100.00 payable prior to August 1, 2020 (non-refundable)
• Normal Entry fee is $200.00 CASH payable at entry on day of event
• A complete address and tax ID number will be required at the time of entry
• Each entry shall receive six (6) all-access pit pass wristbands also good for entrance to the fair
• Additional Pit Pass wristbands will be available at a cost of $25.00
• Each pre-entry will receive (6) food coupons to be redeemed on Saturday at the Canfield Fair
• Entry trailer will open at 11:00am and will close at 5:30pm – NO entry after that time
• All premium checks will be issued by Full Pull Productions, Inc. and will be ready immediately following the conclusion of the class at the USA-EAST Entry Trailer on the infield.
• Please call 1.888-FULLPUL if you have any issues with this timetable

TRACTOR RULES• Tractor must comply with either NTPA or PPL Safety rules for 2020
• Both Diesel and Alcohol Tractors are welcome to participate at 8000lbs with 20” drawbar
• Super Stock Tractors ONLY will be accepted to this class.
• Overhead cam engines are permitted
• 903 Cummins engines are permitted – any 4wd engine permitted
• All tractors will subject to tech inspection. John Blaney is the lead tech official for this class.

• Two side-by-side tracks will be used for this event
• Each Track will be 35’ wide and 380’ in length
• Unlimited Super Stock will pull on the track nearest to the Grandstand
• Richard Love’s “Decision Maker” Transfer will be used for this class
• Order: (1) USA-EAST LimPro/SF Tractors; (2) UNLIMITED Super Stock Tractors; (3) Big Rigs Semis
• Each tractor will have two attempts to cross the 100’ line
• The goal will be to produce a winner at 330’ or less with NO pull-offs
• Each tractor that travels beyond 330’ will return for a pull-off
• Any pull-off will be ‘one and done’ with floating finish line

NOTE: Harness racing will take place in front of the grandstand between 11:00am and 2:00pm on Saturday. The tractor pull pit area is located inside the harness track circle. No haulers are permitted inside the harness track circle until the final horses have left the area – in 2019 this was at 2:12pm. A parking area located just outside the harness racetrack and within easy walking distance to the Fair has been established for haulers and pullers that arrive early. This parking area will be open at Midnight on Friday night. USA-EAST representatives as well as Canfield Security staff will be on hand.
Ideally pullers should plan to arrive at the Canfield Fair after 2:30pm and before 5:00pm on Saturday. Canfield is the largest agricultural fair in the state of Ohio and will generate a huge number of spectators and a tremendous volume of traffic.
Pullers and haulers may stay overnight on Saturday night in the infield pit area but must vacate no later than 9:00am on Sunday morning to make way for preparation for music entertainment scheduled for Sunday evening.

1.888.FULLPUL for further information. 

Pre-Registration Form:

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