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Cameroon Army Blamed For Massacre Of Civilians On Friday

AFP: Cameroon army blames accident for village 'massacre'

Yaoundé (AFP) - Cameroon's army on Monday denied opposition charges that it had massacred villagers in a troubled anglophone region, blaming instead an "unfortunate accident" caused by an explosion of fuel during a firefight.

Up to 22 civilians, 14 of them children, died in the incident on Friday, according to the United Nations -- deaths which opposition parties blamed on members of the armed forces.

But army spokesman Colonel Cyrille Atonfack Guemo described the allegations as "duplicitous."

An army investigation, he said, found that the deaths happened after fuel was set ablaze during a gunfight with anglophone separatists.

Five civilians -- a woman and four children -- died, and "seven terrorists" were "neutralised," Atonfack told AFP in Libreville by phone.

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