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Blame Obama for Democrat mess

Democrats feel the whupping ahead. There is not a president in the pack of their candidates. Meanwhile, Donald John Trump has become the most consequential president since Lyndon Johnson -- but in a positive way.

Democrats grasp at straws in desperation.

Ron Faucheux wrote for Real Clear Politics, "Michael Bloomberg is not what Democrats want, but he may be what Democrats need."

The man wants to confiscate guns and ban Slurpees.

Contrast and compare to building a wall and making America great again.

Jacob Heilbrunn wrote for the Spectator, "to conclude that Biden’s campaign is finished may be wholly premature. For a start, Biden is in a place where voters may start to admire his gumption and grit at continuing a campaign that looks to be on life support. A comeback story, like the one Amy Klobuchar is currently enjoying, happens to be something that the media feasts upon. Biden could be next. With almost everyone scoffing at him as a serial loser in presidential races, Biden could be perfectly positioned to stage a comeback."

No. Sorry. Biden is Harold Stassen running again and again.

Jeffrey Cox wrote for The Nation, "After a botched impeachment process that leaves Trump even more electable, we come to the disastrous and, for a grassroots Iowa Democrat, deeply humiliating failure of the state Democratic Party to properly count the votes in a set of caucuses that have never been more important."

Professor Cox was close. The Democrat establishment has let the Democrat rank and file down. But those ranks have thinned and the files have shortened considerably since Obama was elected in 2008.

The Quorum reported, "In 2009, President Obama’s party controlled both chambers of 27 state legislatures. Eight years later, Democrats control both chambers in only 13 states. Among the states that slipped from Democratic control are Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa and West Virginia; states key to the victory of President-elect Donald Trump last November. According to a report from the National Conference of State Legislatures, the Democratic Party has lost a net total of 13 governorships and 816 state legislative seats since President Obama entered office, the most of any president since Dwight Eisenhower."

When you lose that many elections, you not only lose voters but you also candidates. The pool of viable presidential candidates shrinks.

Hoover's disastrous presidency cost Republicans five consecutive presidential elections. General Eisenhower had to be dragged in to save the party.

Obama's strong-armed style of governance could do Democrats as much damage as Hoover did to his party.

The sin was Obama killing off the very compromise on which this nation was founded. He shoved Obamacare through without seeking one Republican vote. This has led to voters in swing states abandoning the party. Gone are the moderates such as Claire McCaskill, who ran the last time as not one of those Crazy Democrats.

Harry Reid's use of the nuclear option on judges inspired Mitch McConnell to punch back twice as hard when he replaced Reid. Mitch refused to confirm Obama judges, hoarding them for Trump. Thus, in his first term, President Trump may appoint as many judges as Obama did in two terms.

In 2020, Democrats woke up to a presidential candidate pool consisting of nobodies, old fools, and socialists. When the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, places second in your first two primary events, you are in trouble.

Democrats can thank Obama for that.

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