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Artificial intelligence AI completely changes the education industry - MW

Over the past decade, in various ways AI has become popular everywhere in our daily lives. From sensors to self-driving cars AI has brought about incredible changes. Not only are applications in the fields of banking, finance, business, but AI also plays an important role in the field of education. It can be said that education is always a top priority area in each country, so how is AI applied in it?

In the near future there may not have been the appearance of humanoid robots acting as a teacher standing on the podium but there have actually been many projects that are works that use "the intelligence of machines" to help teachers and students have better learning experiences. Through this article, we will clarify some changes in education when AI is present.

Automate educational activities

At universities and colleges, grading homework or taking tests of courses can be a tedious task. Scoring takes a significant amount of time, while that time can be used to interact with students, prepare classroom equipment or perform other essential tasks for learning. Although AI can never really replace humans in scoring, one can hope for an alternative that is close to perfection. Now that marking multiple-choice tests and blank-filled exams is no longer a rare case, the scoring for papers will not be far away in the future.

Educational software is tailored to the needs of the students

All levels of learning with a person, from kindergarten to graduate school, artificial intelligence affects education through higher levels of personalized learning. The number of learning programs, games and adaptive software is increasing. AI systems that meet the needs of students, focus on topics, repeat the things they have not mastered, students can learn at their own pace.

Custom education is a solution that helps students at different levels learn together in a classroom. Adaptive learning has a great impact on national education.

Find out what needs improvement in your courses.

Teachers may sometimes not realize the gap in lectures and educational materials. Artificial intelligence helps us solve that problem. We can for example with online courses, when a large number of students send the wrong answer for homework, immediately the warning system sends a message to the teacher to customize, provide suggestions for right answer.

Students can receive support from an AI tutor.

In the future we will no longer see tutors because some tutoring programs have appeared to help students study all subjects. These programs can teach students the basics and facilitate the development of creative thinking.

AI provides regular feedback.

The AI ​​not only provides customized courses on demand but can also provide course feedback. Some schools use online services that incorporate AI to track student progress and alert teachers when learning performance issues are encountered.

Change the way you search and interact with information.

Over the past few decades, AI-based systems have completely changed the way we interact with information with newer, more integrated technologies, and future students may have a variety of experiences to study. and find.

AI changes the role of teachers.

AI can undertake tasks such as grading, helping students learn even tutoring students. The AI ​​system can be programmed to provide expert knowledge, a place for students to ask questions and find information. Teachers will have the role of a facilitator when students encounter difficulties, providing interaction between people.

AI helps change the way schools teach and support students.

Smart data collection through smart computers has changed the school's interaction with prospective and current students and students. Data mining systems play an indispensable role. Initiatives have been conducted at universities to provide students with training courses on AI instruction so that they can easily transfer between high school and university.

AI can change where students learn, who teaches and how to learn.

Using AI, software and support, students can study anywhere in the world at any time. AI can replace teachers in some cases. AI-powered education programs help students learn basic skills, but as AI studies are developed, students will be provided with better and more services.

AI appears to give us a new perspective on education. Traditional forms of education have been improved and replaced to suit human desires.


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