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Arsenal sent crashing out of Europa League by late Olympiakos winner - MW

This is the lesson that Arsenal must learn last, but it cannot come at a more expensive time. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang spent two years showing slow performances and showing a consistent pattern in a team that showed nothing. He seems to have done this again, with stakes probably higher than ever, when he leaned back and broke in a spectacular volley of seven minutes at the end of overtime, restored their position of global leader with his first significant involvement in the match. But then came two cruel reminders that Mikel Arteta's reconstruction work, barely scratching the surface.

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Olympiakos, on this program, unfortunately did not manage to reach the last 16 and received a last chance to load the Arsenal box when Bernd Leno conceded under a little pressure. Then there was a lesson on the subject, and not the first evening, on how to be defenseless after a puzzle: even if the original cross had been cut by Gabriel Martinelli, it could not be enough escape. It was not long in preventing Giorgos Masouras from advancing and from there death was thrown. Masouras, including, the delivery of the left foot is good enough to ask questions and the answer is, from Arsenal's point of view, that none exists. David Luiz watched the balloon hover in front of him as if he ignored the dangers behind it, where a flat criminal, Sokratis Papastathopoulos had donated Youssef El Arabi space six meters away and triggered a small invasion of terrain outside team staff.

You can have all the world class attackers on the planet, but you can't minimize for a backline that goes far beyond where Arteta needs Arsenal. Unfortunately, you also cannot minimize these rare moments when glitches await you. El Arabi's goal came with a minute to go, but unexpectedly, there was still time for Aubameyang to miss an impossible opportunity. A ricochet saw him alone in front of the goal, but, beyond all expectations, he exploded; In the end, there was no backup action, but nothing was to blame for its path.

After that, I felt very, very bad, said a ruined Aubameyang afterwards. But it can happen. I don't know how I missed this opportunity. He deserves to be trusted in front of the cameras, but this result, which excludes a significant part of the Arsenal Arsenal season, cannot be pinned down. They made the tricky part, at least it seems, by winning in Piraeus and should have been able to get the job done before those who didn't travel well. Arteta chose a full team in a clear indication of the importance of the night team: Arsenal need to attend the Champions League and a reasonable performance will greatly improve their chances of success. get through this competition.

They start too slowly, barely creating an opportunity in the first 45 minutes.

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Although Olympiakos is a little better, they can report an error by Abdoulaye Camara, who sounded the alarm and signified, in half the time, that Arsenal threw a bone at them. Arteta has drilled shapes and structures into what is essentially a trivial package; there is no doubt. But they weren't good enough to raise real objections as much as a sniff and when Mathieu Valbuena turned a corner of 53 minutes, this point was emphasized. Pope Abu Cisse, had a clear run when he overtook Shkodran Mustafi, nodded to Leno and from that moment on, Arsenal walked on the eggshell.

There are times when a happier result seems possible, especially when Nicolas Pépé's frustrating effort was rejected by Jose Sá, but insisted after the Arteta match, that Arsenal created Enough opportunities to protect his players. Olympiakos poses a constant threat at break time and, before the last film, he may have found a winner when Masouras' soaking effort cut the bar. They started the game provisionally but couldn't help but discover the sketch at Arsenal, this is reflected in the cheap concessions of their entire team. It's difficult to identify a main weapon with Pedro Martins in the first stage, but they've grown here, too often making Arsenal a chaotic and confused unit reminiscent of Unai. Emery Next time.

Perhaps things would be different if Mustafi stormed 103 minutes away because injury would not disrupt Arsenal's defense; Papastathopoulos looked pretty good in his cameo movie. But in the end, this was a chaotic and angry night, with so much responsibility for a man to demolish the house. Arteta believes that Aubameyang wants to stay at Arsenal after his contract expires and will expire next summer, but he will want to ask his star to change a position at the top. Their best chance to marry a person may have evaporated and the consequences have yet to spread.


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