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Angry left projects on Trump

Did you know President Donald John Trump threw a temper tantrum on Tuesday night? I thought his state of the union speech was a rousing and patriotic speech extolling the virtues and accomplishments of our nation.

But Fake Conservative David Frum said the president threw a tantrum.

Frum punched his ticket in the second Bush administration, and afterward joined the John Dean Division of Conservatives Against Conservatism. They never attacked Obama but every four years they have their knives out for the Republican presidential nominee.

The Trump presidency has been a feast for them. Frum wrote his column this week in the Atlantic on Trump's triumphant speech. I don't think he bothered watching.

His premise was President Trump threw a temper tantrum.

Anyone who watched the speech said "Huh?" upon reading that.

Frum wrote, "If a toddler throws her dinner on the floor, a second or two of fuss might ensue, but it’s not anything very startling. The adults clean up, then continue as before.

"But if a guest throws dinner on the floor in a fancy restaurant, that is startling. Everybody turns to look. The staff will be agitated; explanations will be demanded.

"That rule of life was confirmed last night. President Donald Trump’s behavior at the State of the Union flouted decencies and conventions from beginning to end. Speaker Nancy Pelosi signaled her displeasure with the spectacle before her at the beginning and end of Trump’s speech.

"No surprise: Pelosi’s actions are now the focus of attention."

The only person flouting decencies and conventions was Nancy. Last year she initially refused to allow the president to give his message to Congress, which is required in the Constitution. When she relented, she greeted him with a clapback.

This year, she refused to say, as is custom, that it was her honor and privilege to introduce the president. After his speech, she tore it up which is a problem. The copy of the speech he gave her was not a souvenir pen. rather it is an official document to be archived.

Jonathan Turley noted, "Such an indignity was not imposed on President Clinton during his own impeachment proceeding, and anyone respecting due process would note that Trump has been accused, not convicted, at this point in the constitutional process. Pelosi proceeded to repeatedly shake her head, mouth words to others, and visibly disagree with the address. It was like some distempered distracting performance art behind the president."

A reader said we should now refer to her as "Nancy Pelosi, America’s ex-wife."

Nothing in President Trump's behavior resembled anything close to a temper tantrum. He was in a jolly good mood. Frum complained that he didn't shake the hand of the woman who impeached him for no reason at all? Well, he didn't shake his vice president's hand either.

Frum tried desperately to create something that just was not there.

He wrote, "The staged reunion of a military family for the cameras was a departure from normal decorum, too. President Ronald Reagan introduced the showman’s touch of seating in the gallery a hero to be applauded. The device originated as a generous moment of recognition by the nation. Trump has reduced it to an Apprentice-like exploitation of other people’s most raw emotions of loss and grief for his own crass purposes: entertainment, distraction, political mobilization. A soldier on active duty should not be asked by his commander in chief to perform his return home to wife and child before a global television audience. That’s abusive and intrusive. It also degrades Congress and the nation, by voyeuristically opening to public view a moment that normally would be private. You might say, last night was the night that Apprentice producer Mark Burnett truly became president."

I do not believe the wife who was reunited with her soldier husband felt exploited.

The tantrum is from the left. As 2016 began, they openly rooted for Republicans to nominate Donald Trump as they underestimated his public relations skills and his ability to learn a polical campaigning on the fly. The left has engaged in one big temper tantrum since his election.

The resistance within the government, the hare-brained Mueller witch hunt, and the impeachment for making a telephone call will puzzle historians. How can sane people act this way? Perhaps they were never sane.

Frum ended his column, "Trump’s abnormality rightly inspires a profound yearning to reassert normality. But that goal for politics post-Trump should not make anyone naive about what is happening under Trump. Courtesy of James Comey, Vladimir Putin, and the Electoral College, Donald Trump has gained the power of the presidency. But he has never wanted, sought, or even faintly understood the authority of the presidency — and so of course that authority is not available to him whenever he finds it convenient to shame opponents. Those who most respect the office Trump holds, and Nancy Pelosi heads that list, are most sensitive to how Trump defiles that office. The time will come to clean it. But for now, nobody should have to pretend not to smell it — not even on State of the Union night."

What utter conspiratorial nonsense. We elected Donald Trump because he was our only hope left.

This rabidly anti-Trump reaction from Fake Conservative Inc. reminds me of the story of "The Wise King" by Khalil Gabran, the early 20th century poet who translated Arab literature into English.
"Once there ruled in the distant city of Wirani a king who was both mighty and wise. And he was feared for his might and loved for his wisdom. Now, in the heart of that city was a well, whose water was cool and crystalline, from which all the inhabitants drank, even the king and his courtiers; for there was no other well.
"One night when all were asleep, a witch entered the city, and poured seven drops of strange liquid into the well, and said, “From this hour he who drinks this water shall become mad.”
"Next morning all the inhabitants, save the king and his lord chamberlain, drank from the well and became mad, even as the witch had foretold. And during that day the people in the narrow streets and in the market places did naught but whisper to one another, “The king is mad. Our king and his lord chamberlain have lost their reason. Surely we cannot be ruled by a mad king. We must dethrone him.”
"That evening the king ordered a golden goblet to be filled from the well. And when it was brought to him he drank deeply, and gave it to his lord chamberlain to drink. And there was great rejoicing in that distant city of Wirani, because its king and its lord chamberlain had regained their reason."
Donald Trump is wise, but he is no king. He will not drink from Washington's well. He will serve as president precisely 8 years, and by the end of his second term he will have drained the swamp and cured the nation's capital of its madness.

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