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An Undeclared Submarine Arms Race Is Underway In Asia

Forbes: Undeclared Submarine Arms Race Takes Hold In Asia

Since its inception at the turn of the 20th century, the submarine has been the ace asymmetrical weapon. It has allowed smaller navies to stand up to the most powerful, and the powerful ones stay on top. Today, arguably, they are the most potent weapon platform on the planet. (Aircraft carrier fans may disagree!) And almost every navy in Asia wants them.

When we talk about submarine arms races in Asia, the big players are China, Australia, Japan and India. And the list goes on: Pakistan, South Korea and Singapore all have high-tech submarine capabilities. But there is another less discussed submarine revolution taking place. Virtually all the smaller navies in the region are also building up submarine capabilities. This is the part of an undeclared arms race which is changing the shape of the submarine threat worldwide.

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WNU Editor: Submarines are not the only weapons systems that are fuelling an arms race in Asia .... This Is Why Military Spending Is Soaring In The Asia-Pacific Region (June 8, 2019).

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