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1,700 Frontline Medics Have Been Infected With The Coronavirus In China

Medical workers in protective suits work inside an isolated section at a community health service center in Wuhan, China February 8. China Daily via REUTERS ATTENTION

CNN: Over 1,700 frontline medics infected with coronavirus in China, presenting new crisis for the government

Ning Zhu, a nurse in Wuhan, the central Chinese city at the heart of a deadly coronavirus outbreak, is restless.

Instead of helping on the frontlines, she has been under self-quarantine at home for weeks, after a chest scan on January 26 revealed that she had a suspected case of the novel Coronavirus.

Zhu was told to wait for a nucleic acid test that would provide the final verdict, but it never came.

"Right now, it's really a problem. Our hospital already has more than 100 people who are quarantined at home," she told CNN over the phone. An additional 30 medical workers have been confirmed to have the virus, she said.

"If the tests are fine, we can go back to work. I actually don't have any symptoms, there's just a slight problem with my CT scan, it seems there's a bit of infection," she said.

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WNU Editor: WHO now wants answers .... WHO Turns On China, Demands To Know How Nearly 2,000 Doctors Were Infected With COVID-19 (Zero Hedge). As to what is my take. I find it astounding that China has still not permitted WHO and/or CDC medical personnel to go to the epicentre of this epidemic.

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