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10 of the best outdoor adventures in Europe: readers’ tips - MW

Victory Tip: Cape Wrath Trail, Scotland
Travel 230 miles in Scotland and go without seeing anyone. I hiked unmarked paths, sometimes without roads, through imposing mountains and wild landscapes, through rivers and swollen beaches of white sand like everything in Seychelles. Beginning at Fort William with a boat crossing, the trail embraces the rugged west coast, plunging in and out of puddles, and ends at the lighthouse at the westernmost end of Britain. The last seven miles are via a MOD range. Camp in the wild near the best salmon rivers or stay to greet allies from another era. It is an adventure that attracts hikers from all over the world.

Dolomites via ferrata, Italy

We finished Via Ferrata Tridentina in the Dolomites in June of last year, after several years of trying before failing because of the snow. We started with the manual Cicerone, the harnesses, the helmets and the ferrata equipment and came across the best VF path we have ever taken. Easy to access, Tridentina is exciting and fun, but most people have basic climbing skills and can climb. We had extraordinary views during the ascent. Unfortunately, the Pisciadù hut at the top was closed, so there was no refreshing beer at the top, but so were we - we needed our heads because of the snowy lineage and was more dangerous than average. often!

Sweden coastal cycle

In 2018, I resolved the path around the magnificent coast of Kattegattleden, in Sweden. With friends, I took a train from Copenhagen to Helsingborg to rent bikes. From there it's a 340 km journey to Gothenburg, with stops at Ängelholm, Halmstad, Falkenberg, Varberg and Frillesås. The Airbnbs along the route are excellent and reasonably priced, averaging £ 50 a night for two. The bikes come from TravelShop in Helsingborg (£ 297 for two bikes, including pickups from Gothenburg). Our trip lasted six days, despite eight proposals. An extremely rewarding adventure that can be done without a lot of cycling experience.

Sailing and climbing to the pub, Ireland

I participated twice in the Irish Sailing and Mountaineering Challenge, which will take place again on May 30. From Kinsale in County Cork, yacht crews sail over a difficult chain of hills, including the highest in Ireland, and finally, after racing Brandon Ridge, finished the race in a pub in Dingle in County Kerry. Can rent a local yacht or join another crew in the race.

Family canoe thrills, France

Our favorite outdoor adventure is a 13 km canoe on the Hérault river, near the city of Montpellier, in France. Four hours on the water may seem scary, but the surroundings are beautiful enough to distract throbbing muscles. Descendants have tree-lined paths in fairy tales, thrilling waterfalls (welcome oar vacations) and tranquil lakes for resting for lunch and sunbathing. The canoes are fitted with a waterproof case for furniture.

Climb an active volcano, Stromboli, Italy

Last year, we climbed Stromboli, Etna, a smaller but more dynamic cousin, on one of the seven Aeilian islands that overlook the sea off Sicily. The east coast of Sicily. We leave at 4 p.m. with instructions and are equipped with helmets, additional lessons, food and drinks. After four hours of walking in the middle of thunder and bursts of smoke, we reached the summit at sunset. We sat along the crater in the dark and watched the most impressive fireworks in nature. A truly inspiring experience.

Wild swimming in Windermere, Lake District

Wild swimming enthusiasts can do better than swimming in the evening at the summer solstice when the sun sets over the largest lake in the Lake District on the longest day. From the Trust Trust Fell Fell Foot lake park, participants gathered at 9:30 p.m. and dived into the water to swim without competition, with glow sticks attached to the wetsuit (optional) when night fell. This effort paid off with a glass of Pimm and a medal for everyone. I did it in 2018 with worried friends, and all of it was amazed by the scenery and the balanced water temperature.

Cycling the Netherlands with teens

I biked the whole length of the Netherlands for six days with my daughters - one of the best I have ever done. I am in my fifties and I travel 600 km with my two daughters (in my adolescence) from the southernmost tip of the country to the far north. We follow the maps in the Het Fietserpad book. We meander through the most remote areas, often near the German border and for a few hours across Germany. The landscape is very diverse. We brought camping gear, but after a few days I realized there were a lot of hotels at reasonable prices. Good touring bikes can be hired from places with train stations for less than € 10 per day.

Mountain running, Bosnia-Herzegovina

In 2018, I traveled 350 km through the Dinaric mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from border to border, solo and without support, photographing wildlife in the mountains - maybe a first world. This year, I will be back to take the next step from Montenegro to Albania. I'm not a jogger, just an enthusiastic woman and an outdoor therapist to prove that anything is possible for anyone.

Cuillins Ridge, Skye, Hebrides

South of Cuillin Ridge (including the peaks of Sgùrr nan Gillean and Sgùrr Alasdair), Pinnacle Inncessible is not an omen as its name suggests. Found on the top of Sgùrr Dearg, it forms the top of the only Scottish Munro that requires climbing and climbing. You can climb to the top of Sgùrr Dearg and enjoy the spectacular view without climbing, but conquering the exposed rock face makes it a real adventure. Scotland's right to hike means you can camp wild at the base of Cuillins and even enjoy a dip in the famous fairy pools to help your aching muscles recover.


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