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Writing off gun owners

Tim Alberta of Politico went back home to see what is happening in rural Michigan. He attended the Mid-Michigan Gun & Knife Show. The result was a piece, "How the Gun Show Became the Trump Show."

He interviewed Michael Schenk, 56, a man with "the permanent pain of injuries he suffered over years of work as a lineman and tree trimmer," as Alberta wrote.

Schenk was not there for guns or knives, Alberta wrote, "Rather, he wanted to peruse the collection of pro-Trump baseball caps and possibly find a sturdier back brace designed for outdoorsman activities."

In response to a question from Alberta, Schenk said, "Wait a minute. You think there are Democrats — here?"

Once vast herds of Democrats roamed the plains of western Michigan. Schenk said, "When I was a kid, we were all poor, and it seemed like everyone was a Democrat. These days, I don't know any."

Democrats have embraced abortion and gun control, among other things. Abortion is not a deal breaker. The pro-life movement faces the problem of abortion being declared a right. It's not but abortion advocates did good PR on that one.

Gun control is a deal breaker because gun ownership is an enumerated right. People know the real aim is gun confiscation.

We have had gun control for 52 years. If you are a felon or crazy, you cannot buy a gun. Wife-beaters and people dishonorably discharged from the military cannot buy guns. The list of people banned is long. You can only buy from a licensed gun dealer and they must check out every buyer even at a gun show. [UPDATE: People have pointed out individuals may sell among themselves. I forgot.]

Gallup reported 43% of Americans live in a gun-owning household.

Democrats have written that 43% off in their pursuit of Hispanic and black voters. Only 26% of Hispanic households and 29% of black households have a gun.

50% of white households do.

Perhaps Democrats hope we will all just die off so they can make the USA North Mexico.

If you write off 43% of the voters, you had better be sure the other 57% are in your corner because math says you need 89% of them.

It is their problem, not mine. I officially switched parties in 2002.

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