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WaPo shocked to learn Trump is the commander in chief

Two Washington Post reporters have a new book, A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump’s Testing of America, on sale on Tuesday. Jeff Bezos gave it an excerpt in his newspaper. Others in the media are trying to pump up sales as well.

The premise of the excerpt was that President Donald John Trump dressed his generals down in a meeting in July 2017.

The Daily Beast reported, "The book states that the meeting took place six months into Trump’s presidency after his generals became concerned about “gaping holes” in Trump’s knowledge of America’s key alliances. The idea was to bring Trump to the Pentagon’s Situation Room, where military leaders, so the plan went, would give him a crash course on who America’s allies were, why they were worth keeping on side, and where on earth they were located."

It is called condescension. Pentagon officials thought they knew more about geography than a man who built skyscrapers and resorts around the world.

The story said, "However, the meeting seems to have descended into chaos almost immediately. Tillerson, then-Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn reportedly took turns trying to explain their points to Trump. But Trump is said to have first appeared bored out of his mind before he got increasingly angry.

"The account states Trump repeatedly interrupted the lesson after apparently being triggered by a word or phrase uttered by the military leaders. One example given is that he heard the word base during the lesson, which sparked him into launching a tirade about how crazy and stupid it was that the U.S. paid to build and maintain bases overseas."



If this account is true then how intelligent are Tillerson, Mattis, Cohn, and the generals? Were they all asleep when he said he was going to get NATO allies to live up to their promises on defense spending?

The story said, "Trump is then said to have complained about President Barack Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal, and the length of the war in Afghanistan. Each time, his generals reportedly tried to gently explain why his view of these complex geopolitical issues might not be entirely accurate. It was reportedly during a conversation about Afghanistan that Trump blew his top."


Who in the hell did these dopes and babies think they are?

The first thing a recruit learns in basic training is the chain of command. At the top is the commander-in-chief, the President of the United States. I do not care how many stars you have, the president is the commander-in-chief.

The story said, "The president reportedly called Afghanistan a 'loser war,' and told his military leaders: 'You’re all losers... You don’t know how to win anymore... I want to win... We don’t win any wars anymore... We spend $7 trillion, everybody else got the oil and we’re not winning anymore.' It’s reported that Trump was so angry at this point that he wasn’t breathing properly."

The book said Tillerson was upset.

I suppose Mattis was too.

So what?

Their job was to help the president and to carry out his orders. They are gone now.

The story said, "One senior official summed up the meeting: 'We needed to change how he thinks about this, to course correct... They were dismayed and in shock when not only did it not have the intended effect, but he dug in his heels and pushed it even further on the spectrum, further solidifying his views.'"

America is being told half the story. We need the president's side.

President Trump is in charge. They don't like it.

They are not dealing with another pushover president. That is the whole problem in Washington. None of the GS-18s or flag officers seem to understand that they ran the country wrong. The people elected Donald John Trump president to grab the bureaucrats by the eyeteeth and shake them.

You can be darned sure that he knows why we have NATO. After devastating Europe, America had to protect it from being overrun by the Soviet Union.

The USSR died on December 25, 1991. NATO should have died with it. Bush 41 let the military and foreign service bureaucracy keep it alive.

We should be done with Afghanistan, and we should also exit Korea. And the Middle East. Maybe this commander-in-chief can pull it off, much to the dismay of the Pentagon and the Intelligence Community, which do not run him. He runs them.

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