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The new Finnish Force is ready

After more than 2 years of building, the new 3.6t / 7930lbs Valtra farm stock tractor of the Finnish Force Pulling Team around Marko Hirvi and Juha-Matti Hietanen from Seinäjoki, in Finland is ready. The Finnish Team started to build their new tractor called ''Finnish Force'' in the spring of 2017 and finished their new project in their workshop during the summer of 2019. The new machine got a homemade steel wedge frame with a homemade 2 bar steel roll cage, completely new built engine and weight brackets, a newly constructed drawbar, homemade wheelie bars and a modified Valmet rear end. Tommi Rajamäki developed the new chassis for the tractor and all the frame parts and tubes for the roll cage were laser cut and bent by team member Marko Hirvi. During the building period, Marko gave the team a lots of support with his own metalworking company called ''T:mi Marko Hirvi''.
The new farm stock received a Valtra S260 hood and the fenders come off the Valtra N Series. All the sheet metal work around the hood and the frame were done by the Team himself. The hood comes from the 1st Valtra S Series generation which was built by the Finnish company between 2001 and 2008. The first generation of the Valtra S series was available in 4 different types (S230, S240, S260, and S280) and has a Voith Turbo clutch, a ZF gearbox with a control system by Valtra, a 4 wheel drive system, and a spring-suspended front axle and drivers cab. The stock tractor is powered by a turbocharged 6 cylinder Sisu engine with a displacement of 8.4l on diesel fuel. The engine in the smallest of the series, the S230 makes 230hp with a torque of 950Nm at 1400rpm and in the biggest one the S280 makes 280hp with a torque of 1075Nm at 1400rpm. After all the sheet metal work was done on the new farm stock, the Valtra machine was taken apart and all the sheet metal parts, the hood and fenders were painted.
The paint job on all parts of the tractor was also done by Marko Hirvi in his own metalworking company.
The stock rear end, gearbox and the bell housing of the new farm stock come off an old Valmet 8400 tractor. All those parts were machined and revised in their workshop to save weight. All the components in the rear end like the diff, the ring and pinion gear, the shafts and the planetaries are still original from the 8400 Valmet.
The gears in the gearbox are still original but the driveshafts are custom built out of a stronger material by Christer Örn of Eagle Clutches from Kunimek, in Finland. The cast iron bell housing is protected by a shatter blanket. If the clutch should explode in the bell housing, the shatter blanket protect the driver and the spectators against flying debris. The team purchased the shatter blanket from the company ''Holland blankets'' (Whispering Giant Pulling Team) from Egmond in the Netherlands. The new ride has an 11 inch Eagle Clutches centrifugal clutch with 4 discs and an Eagle Clutches custom made steel flywheel. The new homemade single wheel brake system in the Valtra has Volvo brake calipers with self-constructed laser-cut brake discs.
For the new farm stock, they are using a set of cut 710-42 Michelin tires on new homemade steel rims. The new steel rims also were built by Team member Tommi Rajamäki and the Michelin tires were cut by the team himself.
The new Finnish Force is powered by a turbocharged 6 cylinder Sisu 620 power plant with 7l displacement on diesel fuel. The Sisu 620 engine was used in many different Valmet tractors in the past. The 6 cylinder power plant was mainly used in the Valmet Mega tractors, like the Valmet 8400 Mega and the Valtra Valmet 8450. The 620 engine was built in many different versions for the tractors from 1991 until 2004 in the Sisu engine plant in Nokia, Tampere, Finland. The most powerful 620 power plant was developed for the 4th and final generation of the Valmet Mega 8400. The last generation of the Mega 8400 was built between 2002 and 2004 in Suolahti, Finland. The 6.6l turbocharged engine in the final version has the description 620DSIE and makes 160hp and has a torque of 650Nm at 1400rpm. 
But 160hp and 650Nm of torque is a little bit to less for the 3.6t / 7930lbs farm stock competition in Finland. To get more horsepower out of the engine, they made a couple of changes to the Sisu engine.   
The engine received a bored up Sisu 620 stock cast iron block with a stock crankshaft, new hardened Sisu rods and homemade billet pistons, a revised Sisu 620 OEM head with bigger valves and new better rocker arms by Eagle Clutches, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, a Holset HX82 turbocharger with a billet intake wheel, a homemade Intercooler, an external wet sump oil system with a homemade aluminum sheet metal oil pan, a new modified Bosch P8600 diesel fuel injection pump and a specially built data logger by the Finnish company called ''Topin Diesel''. The modified fuel pump was made by team member and main head Juha - Matti Hietanen from Seinäjoki, in Finland. The new Intercooler is placed in the chassis on the front end of the tractor to have a better balance.
Usually, the maiden run of the new Valtra S260 machine was planned for the spring of 2019, but time problems and some unfinished components made it not possible to get the new ride ready in time. But the new team also didn't want to make the tractor in a hurry ready to avoid any errors on it.
So the new Finnish Force was a little bit later ready and made its first official maiden voyage at the Finnish Championship finals in Kalajoki at the end of August this year.
The newly rebuilt engine was yet in safe mode to avoid big damages and to find the right settings for the future. The engine ran not bad but not perfect in the first two passes but the setting of the clutch wasn't perfect too. In the second pass, they did a distance of 71.14m but during the previous test pass and the first official pass the discs off the centrifugal clutch had a little bit suffered. Because of the suffered clutch, they couldn't make a third nice pass in front of the sled.
A few weeks after the first passes in Kalajoki, Finland they have made some further good test pulls in front of the Finnish sled. In the final pull, the valvetrain on the engine suffered a small damage, but the guys are currently fixing the damage.
For the winter 2019 / 2020 the Finnish team will make some little changes and improvements on the tractor to sort all those problems out.
The Finnish Force Pulling Team will compete with their new Valtra farm stock in the Finnish Championship again next year.  

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