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Take impeachment as seriously as Nadler takes a diet

Funeral marches are bad television.

On Wednesday, House leaders walked the impeachment papers to the Senate. And in case you may have missed that, on Thursday, House leaders again walked the impeachment papers to the Senate. It was the most exercise Jerry Nadler had since he heard rumors they were giving away free donuts at the House gym.

Now compare those photos to the pictures of Mo Dean, wife of John, at the Watergate hearings.

She helped sell to a nation to throw overboard a president who had just carried a record 49 states in the 1972 election. Beauty and the Beast? Try Beauty and the Arnold Stang. But her beauty helped sell the integrity of John Dean. Obviously a woman of such beauty would not marry a man in a league below her if he were not of good character.

Nearly a half century later, we get Crazy Eyes Adam Schiff staring at us. Quick, change the channel.

The redundant impeachment marches were walks of shame that reminded everyone of the failure of Mueller to pin anything related to Russian collusion by President Donald John Trump, his family, or his associates.

Democrats have been pushing an impeachment for 3 years with terrible television featuring ugly, smug, little people with a DMV attitude toward government service.

What Democrats lack in substance they also lack in style.

Byron York wrote, "For all their work, Democrats were not able to raise public support for impeachment beyond the level it had been before the hearings. On Oct. 12, 2019, weeks before the public sessions began, support for impeaching the president was 49.8%, according to the 538 Impeachment Tracker. Today, it is 49.9%. Those are high numbers, based mostly on the fact that a large majority of Democrats have wanted to impeach the president for a long time. For everyone else, support and opposition levels have been mostly unchanged for the last three months."

61% of Americans voted for Nixon in 1972 but less than 2 years later Democrats played PR so well that his popularity was in the 20s.

46% of Americans voted for President Donald John Trump in 2016. Democrats have failed to get them to budge, and seem to have given up on stopping his re-election. The deja vu with the failed Mueller investigation undercuts this effort. They are making a sequel to a box office flop. Same script, different country.

York relayed what Congressman Matt Gaetz told him, "The Democrats understand that their current fact pattern won't suddenly become vastly more compelling. We've seen it all before. I suspect they've held back some nuggets to time-release for theatrical impact as the Senate trial goes on. Parnas is the front end of that wave."

Lev Parnas is Lieutenant Colonel Vindman v2.0.

Parnas too was born in Ukraine and brought to America as a young child. The difference is he doesn't have a twin brother or a Class A uniform.

But just like Vindman, Parnas has never talked to the president and has only hearsay evidence to present. In fact, it is all hearsay. And that won't get President Trump supporters to abandon him.

John Dean had actual evidence because he was Nixon's lawyer. Hence, Mo Dean. Henry Kissinger said, "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." And Mo Dean provided her husband with credibility, something the Vindmans in Washington lack.

York said Republicans expect Democrats to try to surprise them in an impeachment trial. He said it will be just like the Kavanaugh hearings. Yuck. I vote to dismiss on the grounds that Democrats failed to cite an actual crime. End the nonsense. It is bad television, and terrible governance.

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