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Stephanopoulos is the King of Fake News

The evening news has gone the way of the afternoon newspaper. It is the morning shows that have the most impact and make the most money.That's power. Once upon a time, a Tom Brokaw would be promoted from the Today show to anchor the Nightly News. The ABC evening news anchor job opened, but George Stephanopoulos didn't budge from Good Morning America.

The hours are better on the evening show, but the money and influence are not.

Of course, Stephanopoulos has no business being in a news department. He is a partisan hack whose ties to the Clinton Foundation showed he is still on Team Clinton. This makes him the successor to Dan Rather as the King of Fake News.

Rather actually faked the news. He forged a letter from a dead military officer to cast aspersions on President George Walker Bush's National Guard service. The purpose was not to persuade anyone. Instead he lied to justify the left's animus toward Bush.

Stephanopoulos is more subtle and likely brighter than Rather. A broken light bulb is. Instead of forgery, Good Morning America (and the rest) peddle soft interviews with Democrats and harsh ones for Republicans who actually are Republican.

Consider the impeachment saga. (I believe we are in Hour 100 of the trial and no witnesses have testified.) The media concentrates on Republicans flipping. Rare is any mention of Democrats joining Republicans, even though 3 Democrats defected in the House -- and zero Republicans.

However, Stephanopoulos got caught with his objectivity down.

The Washington Examiner reported, "George Stephanopoulos was caught on-air cutting off a press conference of President Trump’s lead counsel for impeachment, Jay Sekulow.

"Sekulow, 63, was giving an update to reporters about the Democratic argument for impeachment that has unfolded following three days of testimony from the impeachment managers, including Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. Midway through a question, ABC News cut the feed returned the camera back to Stephanopoulos as he dramatically signaled to cut the feed."

Stephanopoulos handled the media for Bill Clinton. Now Stephanopoulos handles the media for the entire party.

From within.

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