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rNetwork Power3 Compensation Plan Launch Feb. 1st, 2020

The scheduled launch event for the new Power3 compensation plan has been rescheduled for February 1st, 2020.

What does this mean for you and your team?

  • You now have until January 31st to achieve your Power3 Rank, unlock all 10 tiers of compensation, and earn your $50 monthly bonus!
  • The $38 enrollment price has been extended to the last day of January.

Why is rNetwork extending the promotion and moving the launch of the enhanced compensation plan?

  • From the beginning of rNetwork, we have had 3 significant Comp Plan 
enhancements in mind. These enhancements will:

  • make you more money;
  • make you money quicker; and 
  • assist you in growing your teams larger and faster.
  • Resources and database development architecture have prevented these enhancements, until now. Key events have changed this past week which will allow us to add these exciting enhancements. 
  • The founders have made the decision to roll out the fully enhanced compensation plan all at once, rather than in 2 versions, on February 1st.

Are these upgraded elements, being referred to, shown in the current compensation plan video?

  • No. These are enhancements that we have only dreamed of being able to do, which are now possible. These enhancements are not known to any charter member in rNetwork...yet.

Are there any events happening between now and Feb. 1st, 2020. 

  • Yes. We have identified key leaders who will be receiving a personal invitation for a leadership summit next week in preparation for the Feb. 1st rollout of the new compensation plan. 
  • Significant growth is happening outside of the United States and Canada in rNetwork.
  • One country stands out above the rest. They have done what we gave them the opportunity to do. Because of their hard work and growth, they have become the first country of focus outside of North America and we will be announcing a full Pre-Launch series of events for that country for 2020. 

What is the purpose of this leadership summit? 

  • Incredible events and opportunities are occurring at rNetwork. Many of these opportunities are being solidified in January 2020.  
  • With these new opportunities, leadership training and communication will be critical. This summit is the first step towards improved communication and training.
  • We will also be answering many of the questions that are coming in from the field.
  • Specific discussions regarding the revvcard, rBank, and how CMs may potentially be able to participate in a stock offering of rNetwork, are some of the many topics that will be discussed. 
  • A video roundtable of the founders and other rNetwork partners will be sent out to you within a week of this leadership summit so you can hear the answers to these questions first hand. 

The fully enhanced Power3 compensation plan will rollout on Feb.1st, but when will the actual launch of rNetwork be and where?
Very soon we will be announcing specific dates and locations, as soon as those venues and arrangements have been solidified.

Warm Regards,

rNetwork Founders

rNetwork - Financial Security in an Insecure World!

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