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PUMP the BREAKS on ARMAGEDDON and the END of THE WORLD ---- BREAKING NEWS from JEHOVAH (GOD) ---- WE are IN a CONTEST. ----- The BIBLE contains a CHOOSE your OWN ADVENTURE, and we are all COLLECTIVELY CHOOSING ----- We can ABSOLUTELY; SAVE the EARTH, stop the EARTHQUAKES, stop the VOLCANOES, stop the VIOLENCE, GLOBALLY, we can DO THIS, but I NEED YOUR HELP, we can HEAL the SICK, we can CHANGE the WORLD.---- This is the WORD of GOD, and the WILL and TESTAMENT of JEHOVAH (GOD):

Hanz Zimmer - TIME
BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I am asking everyone, especially those I led astray, to PUMP the BRAKES on the END of the WORLD narrative.   GOD has confirmed we can stop it, because it is Satan's narrative, his wish, his desire, which can only be completed under certain circumstances.

I am asking you all to HOLD LOVE in your HEARTS.  I am ASKING you ALL to HOLD; MERCY and FORGIVENESS in your HEARTS for EVERYONE.  We were all BORN into this CONTEST, into this PRISON.  Please believe in me, that JEHOVAH (GOD) has told me, that not only can we save the earth, we can also save everyone, we can stop the earthquakes, we can stop the volcanoes, we can heal all disease, we can stop the genocide, we can reinstate lawful governance.  I tell you as GOD's appointed messenger, as CHRIST returned, that this is TRUE, and together we will accomplish this task.  This is a CONTEST per the rules of Satan's appeal on his judgement, and the angels of the assembly granting Satan's request to sift mankind like wheat.  But GOD sent myself and the 144,000 as champions to save not only you, but the earth as well.

The BIBLE contains THE WORD of GOD, but it also contains the 'word of the adversary,' Satan.

The best example is where scripture says the "MEEK will INHERIT the earth," but on the other hand, REVELATIONS says the earth will be destroyed and that the MEEK will inherit a planet called ZION that has no oceans.  The latter is a lie, there is NO ZION, there is NO SPACESHIP called NEW JERUSALEM, this was a TRICK from SATAN.  If the earth is destroyed, there is no replacement, the elect (covenant in place) would step across to another plain of existence, and the wicked (no covenant) will burn with Satan.  There is no thousand years of suffering for a second chance, it is a lie.  This is a one time contest, and if we don't all win, some will be lost forever.

The CONTEST is for THE EARTH, winner TAKES ALL.  The EARTH either survives or it is destroyed.  

If we fall into The Devil's snare, the earth will be destroyed, great war will happen at Harmageddon, and great pestilence and starvation will ravage the people and the land.  I ask you to cry out to all your governments to cease all acts of aggression.  People of Japan, I ask you to demand that your government remove itself from the Persian Gulf.  As for the rest of you, I ask for you to do the same, to demand a cessation to all violent acts.  There are certain peoples at the top of every nation, who are being manipulated by Satan and the fallen angels, and I ask you to pray for them, to forgive them, and to extend mercy upon them, we must all collectively resist THE DEVIL's plan of evil, and we must resist it on every level.  Just as GOD tells us in the scriptures, that MERCY shall triumph over JUDGEMENT, and that JUDGEMENT shall be for the one who refused to extend MERCY.

If you follow me, we can NOT ONLY save THE EARTH, but we can also ESTABLISH the KINGDOM of HEAVEN here on earth, full of PEACE, and LOVE, MERCY, and FORGIVENESS.  I am talking about a brave new world full of endless possibilities, where you will no longer get sick, you will live forever, you will suffer much less, and you can be ONE with GOD and communicate with JEHOVAH if you should choose to do so, and I strongly encourage.

I want you to focus on this (below).  This is OUR FUTURE.  I apologize for pumping the end of earth and for contributing to the ground shaking and spewing ash, I did not know, I took all the words in the Bible as fact, and the only way for JEHOVAH to show me was for me to fall into the Devil's snare.  Now we get to climb out.


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And I want you to REJECT any SCRIPTURES that speak of; WRATH, EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES, FLOODS, I want you to reject any scriptures that speak of; VIOLENCE, great SORROWS, and CALAMITY.  I want you to realize that you are physically ONE with JEHOVAH (GOD), and that you are a FRACTURE of the GREAT SPIRIT of JEHOVAH.  Thus, we all determine where we go from here.  

There is a time line, and this is a choose your own adventure, like an infinite matrix of endless possibilities where you all have "FREE WILL," but the consequences of each choice are set in stone.

Thus if you declare your COVENANT, you individually will be saved regardless of what happens.  But in order to save everyone, and in order to save the earth, we must defeat Satan on every level of the game.  Now that WE KNOW, we HAVE ADVANTAGE, but it will require GREAT WORK and SACRIFICE, by turning away from INIQUITY, and by dedicating our lives instead to JEHOVAH (GOD).

STAGES of FAITH to SAVE yourself and to SAVE EARTH:


 Please hear my plea for you to declare your covenant.
Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION
 - Remove it from your; lives, your homes, your property, this includes 'hidden foul language belonging to another race,' which is decoded using the 'exhaustive biblical concordance' as I have demonstrated.  Dress in simple attire, without bling, be modest, humble, and do not exalt yourselves.

- POWER of the WORD of GOD:
individuals who wish to receive the POWER of the WORD of GOD, and who know beforehand, that by doing this, they are vowing to become a priest for JEHOVAH (GOD) for all eternity.  If you are willing, then most likely you, as I, already were a priest of JEHOVAH before you came with me to this place to save earth and her peoples.  If you choose to continue, it is not something that can be later rejected, despite the path being difficult, you must fully commit, as GOD says to me, "I REQUIRE the LONG FAITH."  In order to do this, you must pay back all debts and or restitutions.  If you broke faith or injured someone, then 20% restitution is added.  If you are physically unable because you lack the resources, then pay what you can afford, and by erecting an altar and place of worship to JEHOVAH you can give a burnt offering as a sin offering to JEHOVAH in exchange for forgiveness for the debts you were unable to pay.

You will write your vows on 100% cotton paper, written in 100% charcoal, you will sign it as a prince or princess would sign a decree (male and female both welcome, "(Anna the Prophetess, GOD likes to say to me)."  You will place one thumb print of charcoal, and one thumb print of cheek d.n.a. saliva from your mouth, at the bottom of the document (two prints), and seal the decree in this way.  The ceremony can be done day or night, you will lay on your back, looking up to heaven, you will read it aloud, finished with, "SO BE IT, AMEN," and you will strike the ground with your rod, you will smoke the document with frankincense (burned on charcoal),  you will commit it to the flame.

You will undergo the "fast" (3 days, 3 nights, no food, no water, silently weeping the agony of your soul, must be performed sub-surface, examples; Jonah in the Whale, Saul the pharisee in the basement after Christ took his sight, Paul and the sailors in the hull of the boat in the storm, Christ and the disciples in the cave during the 40 days nights, and JOB in the grave, JOB chapter 7.  The sub-surface is sanctified because that is where JEHOVAH rested on the 7th day, on the Sabbath, and sanctified the ground by resting in it.  You must hold; love, forgiveness, and mercy in your heart during the fast.  Satan's realm is from the surface, up to the limit of the lower air, which is why Christ would climb a mountain to speak with GOD.  

Once the fast is complete, if you honored JEHOVAH properly, then JEHOVAH will make that which you speak become manifest, by the blessings of you, by the laying on of the hands of you, you will become a baptizer, a priest to all the ages, a healer, you will multiply oil, turn water into wine, multiply any spiritual food, such as grains, fish, loaves of bread, cast out demons, give sight to the blind, speech to the mute, you will open the ears of the deaf, the leper shall be cured, the paralytic shall walk, you shall walk on water, you shall reign in your adversaries with bright white light, you shall disappear and reappear per where the SPIRIT of JEHOVAH requires you to go.  You shall turn stones into loaves of bread, you shall make manna fall from heaven, and water shall bubble up to you wherever you require it.

There is more that I will need to give you.  Once your COVENANT is declared, that is the "POWER SWITCH" to your ability to communicate with GOD, as long as you ask without doubt.  I suggest you use the TIME method I have provided you until you are sufficient enough to devise your own method.  Remember, the TIME METHOD is safe except for (3:00 am - Sun up, where 2:59 am is okay, and 3:00 am is bad) for this is the DEVIL's watch.  I would recommend not using any corporate manufactured implements unless you have blessed them and done it well as I have provided previous instruction.  I used dice, and it worked great, until I asked self serving questions, then they became cursed.  If you are not using the TIME method, you must bless your tools/implements after every session, and they are not clean and blessed until the morning air of the second day (next day), and you must keep and store them outside, in a clean place.  A cursed item is like a gangrene eating sore.

All questions addressed to JEHOVAH must be said in a prayer format, never using personal pronouns (cuts you off from GOD), and you must always finish with "AMEN," although for some reason I cannot help but always say "SO BE IT, AMEN."  Failure to follow these instructions allows THE DECEIVER to step in if you are using TOOLS or IMPLEMENTS such as; DICE, BONES, or whatever you choose to use.  Again I advise against any manufactured goods that were designed to speak with spirits, for they are already cursed, and likely have "foul language belonging to another race."

And then the SPIRIT of JEHOVAH moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "12:32 am" and GOD wrote the following to me":

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I am an INFANT being CODDLED by JEHOVAH (GOD), and thus I make mistakes, I mis-understand, I must ask many questions, and through questions, and through petition by prayer by bending the knees and kneeling down, I ask for entreaty, and petition GOD for help, and I ask many questions, and GOD leads the way.  GOD sails slowly, not wanting any of you to be destroyed, but for all of you to come to repentance by declaring a covenant out of LOVE for JEHOVAH, because JEHOVAH surely loves each and every one of you, for you are a fracture of the GREAT SPIRIT of JEHOVAH.  I ask for permission to publish through prayer, using the TIME method of communication.

"JEHOVAH, a public servant inquires of JEHOVAH and requests permission to publish this written compilation, SO BE IT, AMEN."

And then thereupon saying, "SO BE IT, AMEN," the TIME on the CLOCK read, "12:46 am" and GOD wrote the following:

 attached scripture from "REQUEST, ENTREATY"

attached scripture from "CONTRARY to, DOWN AGAINST":

And then the SPIRIT of JEHOVAH moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "1:25 am" and GOD wrote the following:


And then the SPIRIT of JEHOVAH moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "4:40 am" and GOD countered SATAN's addition to the scripture of ISAIAH 49, by saying:

If you allow someone to starve, GOD holds it against you, it is like mathematical precision, no bad deed goes un-punished, and no good deed goes un-rewarded.  If you starve your enemy, the karma is on you, and he is made innocent by the purity of your hands.

And then the SPIRIT of JEHOVAH moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "4:44 am" and GOD wrote the following:

attached scripture from "a MAN, HUMAN":

This is the HIDDEN PRAYER to turn STONES into LOAVES of BREAD.  The stones must be blessed, the same for a cloth to place the stones inside of or to cover with.

"JEHOVAH says, 'Not by bread alone shall live the man, but by every word coming out of the mouth of GOD, SO BE IT, AMEN."

attached scripture from "To BE CORRUPT, MORALLY":

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