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Obama official thinks Trump's strategy worked

Don't buy the World War 3 spin. The mullahs in Iran are in deep doo-doo. President Donald John Trump's economic sanctions have killed the economy, and the people rise in protest.

Ray Takeyh wrote, "Why the Death of an Iranian Commander Won’t Mean World War III. The U.S. dealt a major blow in taking out Iran’s imperial strategist. But the mullahs’ next move likely won’t be a dramatic escalation."

He is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Born in Iran, he taught at the National War College and advised the Obama administration on Iran.

He wrote, "His death will be a blow to the Iranian theocracy but — contrary to what many observers are warning — could very likely temper the clerical oligarchs, who tend to retreat in face of American determination."

Bullies are the biggest cowards.

He wrote, "Past is often prologue in Iran. When a truculent Ronald Reagan assumed the presidency, Iran hastily released the American diplomats it had held hostage for 444 days. When George W. Bush’s shock and awe campaign quickly displaced the Taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Iran responded by suspending its nuclear program. The mullahs relish assaulting America but are circumspect when facing a tough-minded, unpredictable president. The Islamic Republic had already pledged to retreat further from its nuclear obligations by next week. A move in that direction seems more likely at this point, as opposed to blowing up American diplomatic and military outposts."

Contrast and compare to Obama acquiescing to the mullah's demands.

The death of General Qassim Soleimani should be a turning point because of President Trump's ability to stop others (including Red China) from buying Iranian oil.

Takeyh wrote, "As the commemoration ceremonies begin in Iran, it is important to stress that the imperial edifice that Soleimani built was already stressed. The sanctions reimposed by the Trump administration after its abrogation of the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal have depleted Iran’s economy, calling into question its foreign policy imperatives. In November, Iran was rocked by massive demonstrations as the regime had to curtail its onerous fuel subsidies. An uneasy path lies ahead for the clerical oligarchs. The last thing they need is a costly confrontation with a president willing to do things they once considered unimaginable."

Regime change is possible, and never forget this is Donald Trump's ultimate goal. He wants to rid the world of dictators. He prefers to use tariffs and sanctions, but he has plenty of drones and missiles.

Iran needs to cut a deal with him before they lose their country.

I suggest the mullahs call President Donald Trump by dialing 1-800-WE-SURRENDER.

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