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Mo Dowd, mo' nonsense

The impeachment pancaked and Maureen Dowd at the New York Times blames fidget spinners -- not the empty Democrat case -- for the failure of the Senate to remove the Orange Man.

In her Sunday column, she did mention that the articles of impeachment cite no crime. But she tried to add to the list, writing, "Now Rudy’s buddy Lev Parnas says he has forked over to congressional Democrats a 2018 recording of Trump personally ordering Yovanovitch to be fired."

Ambassadors serve at the will and pleasure of the president. So now she is accusing President Donald John Trump of "personally ordering" himself to fire her. The real crime may have been clandestinely recording -- spying on -- the president.

Schiff huffed and puffed about the president. She quoted Schiff as saying, "The next time, it just may be you. Do you think he wouldn’t ask you to be investigated? Do you think for a moment that he wouldn’t?"



On Donald Trump.

Obama's KGB -- the hierarchy of the FBI -- lied 17 times to get permission to spy on Donald Trump. Dowd knows this. She does not care. Constitutional rights are not for little people.

Reading her column was a joy to behold because she is one sad apple that's spoiled a whole bunch. This vengeance for the long ago Clinton impeachment is not going as she and her swamp buddies hoped.

She wrote, "I went to the press gallery one afternoon to check out the tableau vivant. The visitors’ gallery was only half full, and there was none of the passion and titillation that infused the Clinton impeachment, which also, oddly enough, revolved around a power disparity between two people.

"One Democratic Senate staffer mourned the apathy. 'Our phones aren’t ringing,' he told me. 'Nobody cares. It’s the saddest thing ever.'"

Dowd knows the public is the ultimate judge in an impeachment. Not only do Americans want him acquitted, they want the charges to go away.

Bu-bu-but the polls! I have your polls right here.

She compared her misery to the Republican nonchalance about all this. She wrote, "One side of the room seemed to be smirking."

CNN said the same thing about Nicholas Sandmann -- and had to pay him lots and lots of money. One guess by Mike Cernovich is $25 million.

The long droning by House Democrats bored people.

She wrote, "Tom Cotton played with the fidget spinner Richard Burr had handed out to all the Republicans. Marsha Blackburn and others left to trash the proceedings on Fox News.

"The senators in the Democratic presidential race could not have been happy to be stuck there, either. Bernie Sanders, accustomed to making like Leonard Bernstein at big rallies and upset he’s not in Iowa to relish his surge, had a hard time keeping his hands still, moving them restlessly, silently clapping, and finally holding them together on his chest over his blue sweater."

Dowd is oblivious to why no one cares. The idea that they may see the case as Democrat desperation never seemed to occur to her. She wrote, "But the more impressive the Democrats’ case is, the more depressing the reality becomes. They want to convince themselves that character matters. But many Americans knew they were voting for a thug. They wanted a thug who would bust up Washington, and they got one."

Ordinarily, I do not link pay sites. But the Trumpenfreude is too strong in this one. Enjoy.

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