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Mini Mike is desperate

Mini Mike is tweeting -- and failing miserably.
Mini Mike looks up at President Donald John Trump and thinks I am richer and smarter than him; I should be president.

And then the smarter, richer Mini Mike copies President Trump's brilliant plan that got him elected in 2016. Or tries to. Clones pale compared to the original.

Part of Donald Trump's plan was to use the media to bombard the electorate with his image and his policies.

Mini Mike said me too, and is buying ads to do this.

The trouble with campaign ads is they are commercials, which people dismiss as propaganda. Donald Trump gains attention by earning media. His campaign for president began publicly in 1977 when he first met and charmed gossip maven Liz Smith.

Donald Trump was so successful at self-promotion that by 1991, a college student at Harvard named Obama wrote that it was hard to sell socialism in America because so many people want to be Donald Trump. A hit TV show cemented his legend of being a crack businessman. He did not have to tell people he was important; he showed them.

Mini Mike has to tell.

During the Democrat debate, he had his campaign tweet. They thought were funny and edgy. They thought they could be Donald Trump.

I read these tweets -- and there are plenty more -- and came to the only logical conclusion; an intern on the campaign staff really, really hates Mini Mike.

The security deposit joke works if you change City Hall to Gracie Mansion.

While there is no such thing as bad publicity, Mini Mike is becoming the exception that proves the rule. One overlooked advantage that Donald Trump had was he was saying what no one else said, and saying what Forgotten Americans believe.

The days of style without substance ended with Obama.

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