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Liberals pay the price for hating Trump

President Donald John Trump is one cool cat.

And liberals finally are discovering this.

For 3 long years, they thought they'd get this man. But they found out, they are just a link in his chain, chain, chain. Chain of fools.

Todd S. Purdum wrote in the Atlantic, "Since Election Night 2016, Democrats have been searching for a savior, no matter the party or rank of the individual.

"First there was James Comey, the self-righteous former FBI director impervious to Trump’s attempts to co-opt his investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Then there was Robert Mueller, the special counsel appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to take over the Russia inquiry after Trump’s abrupt dismissal of Comey produced a furor, but whose final report was an inconclusive punt. Next came House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, who said last summer that Trump deserved to be impeached because he’d 'violated the law six ways from Sunday.'

"There was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose reluctant conversion to the impeachment cause put Trump in the dock in December. There was Chief Justice John Roberts, whose stated reverence for institutions and the rule of law raised hope that he might conduct the Senate trial with a firmer hand than what he has thus far shown. There was the Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer, whose demand for additional witnesses and documents sparked a fleeting hope of persuading four moderate Republicans to join in seeking more evidence of Trump’s misdeeds.

"Now, with the defendant’s foregone acquittal in sight as soon as tomorrow, it’s all come down to Schiff, the terminally earnest chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Schiff’s powers, while formidable, have proved just as un-super as everyone else’s in the near-lockstep partisan loyalty that fear of Trump has produced."

Jim Comey. Bob Mueller. Paul Manafort. Michael Cohen. Stormy Daniels. Michael Avenatti. Michael Wolff. Omarosa. Adam Schiff.

Chain, chain, chain. Chain of fools.

But President Trump does not do this to them.

Democrats beclown themselves. Instead of accepting the Mueller report's exoneration of President Trump and moving on toward defeating him at the polls, House Democrats continued a futile quest for impeachment, even though they will never get 20 Republican senators to turn on President Trump.

Purdum wrote, "Trump’s acquittal has been a foregone conclusion since long before the trial began, and the chance that Democrats might garner the 51 votes required to call more witnesses had all but evaporated by yesterday afternoon, despite former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s reported corroboration that Trump told him he was withholding security assistance to Ukraine until it agreed to investigations into the president’s Democratic rival."

Impeachment has shined the spotlight on Hunter Biden, pretty much snuffing out his father's slender hope to become president. And Joe Biden is the DNC's best hope.

He told them to leave him alone.
The Donald said, "Go on home."
The Donald said, "Take it easy."
Oh but their hatred is much too strong.

They're added to his
Chain, chain, chain.
Chain of fools.

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