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Liberals notice Drudge flipped

Matt Drudge turned his coat on Donald John Trump last year. Liberals have begun noticing. Guess what? They do not want him either.

To be sure, conservatives have had it with him. On October 9, I wrote my most popular post of 2019, "Post Drudge conservative news."

I said, "Matt Drudge's foray into respectability has made him an unreliable -- indeed, downright misleading -- source of news. But the good news is there are alternatives to the Alternative Left Reality the Drudge Report now calls home."

Readers overwhelmingly agreed that Drudge sold out.

Now Colombia Journalism Review has published, "Why did Matt Drudge turn on Donald Trump?"

His new friends on the left -- those whom he wants to impress -- still dismiss him as clickbait. He will never gain their respect because he broke the Lewinsky story. Even as the left turns its back on Bill, Drudge remains a cuss word to them.

Bob Norman of CJR wrote, "Drudge had been serving up a diet of stories painting 'illegals' as job-taking, disease-carrying criminals long before Trump deemed them rapists. (Just three weeks before Trump announced his candidacy, Drudge posted a story alleging a “surge” in deaths and gang activity “as illegals flood the border.”) And Drudge clearly wasn’t pleased when Trump didn’t follow through on some of his campaign promises. This summer he posted a banner headline that slammed Trump for building 'no new wall at all!'"

That of course was a lie. Despite Speakers Ryan and Pelosi refusing to fund the wall, the president has replaced broken 10-foot fences with a 30-foot wall, which is now expanding. 450 miles are expected to be complete by year's end.

Norman never got around to answering his own question about the sellout. Instead, he wrote about tracking Drudge down to his house and knocking on the door. No answer.

Drudge later talked to him on the phone and said, "Ambushing someone on a private property, you can get yourself hurt Bob. I’ve followed your career. I watched you on [local Miami television], and I’m surprised you would conduct yourself in that way."

It was a decent article but Drudge did not turn his back on President Trump. He turned his back on conservatism.

Norman wrote, "Shortly after our somewhat tortured conversation, the impeachment process began. And the Drudge Report was no longer defending Trump in the least. In fact, Drudge seems to be outwardly rooting for Trump’s downfall."



My answer to Norman's question of why Drudge sold out is that it is not my worry. I no longer use the Drudge Report.

But maybe like Fake Judge Napolitano, John Bolton, and others, Drudge felt entitled to something in exchange for his support for the president.

Too bad.

Here is what supporters are entitled to: tax cuts, regulatory relief, real judges, better trade agreements, and the building of a wall. Nothing more, nothing less. As president, Donald John Trump has delivered.

Don't get me wrong. Drudge remains at the top. Norman wrote, "In recent years, according to one analytics firm, the Drudge Report has surpassed the New York Times in web traffic. On his site, Drudge boasts 10 billion views for the last year, which is generally in line with other reported estimates. And during the last presidential campaign, he used every bit of that influence to back Donald Trump, going all in on the candidate well before many other major conservative entities, including Fox News. "

But who needs Drudge? After all, we have Instapundit. Whatfinger. Ace of Spades. Breitbart News. FreeRepublic. Pro Trump News. Rantingly. Citizen Free Press. The Liberty Daily. And on and on.

There is no barrier to entry. All you need is time, a little bit of HTML knowledge, and a laptop.

Being informed has never been easier or better. Who is there to mourn for Matt Drudge? Not one.

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