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BEZAI of the House of David say:

"The NEWS REPORTS first reported KOBE plus 3, then reported 4, then 5, then 8, then 9 people dead.  The "CHANGING" of the "reports" represents a HIDDEN SATANIC LAWFUL PUBLIC NOTICE:

3 dead, 3 = "SATAN"
4 dead, 4 = "FRUIT"
5 dead, 5 = "UN-PROFITABLE" (a Eunuch)
6 dead (KOBE plus 5), 6 = "the SEED of ADAM to PERISH"
8 dead, 8 = "DESTRUCTION"
9 dead (KOBE plus 8), 9 = "A LOST THING (GOD)

75 (number on firetruck), 75 = To CONTEND for a PRIZE 
(contend with CHRIST? = anti-christ?  Will we be seeing a fake death, fake resurrection?)


This video shows the fluctuating NEWS reports, and FIRETRUCK:
I apologize for the language this man uses while he is toggling between NEWS REPORTS, but he brings up some very interesting points, as we listen to the NEWS REPORTS change from 3, to 4, to 5, to 9 people dead.  Plus the number on the firetruck 75, means "TO CONTEND for a PRIZE," and if you watch the whole video, you will see some things that suggest that the elite have faked KOBE's death, to use him as a FALSE MESSIAH, or at the very least he was SATANICALLY SACRIFICED:

Kobe's helicopter

NOT KOBE's helicopter (but reported as KOBE's)

KOBE + 8 = 9

-Cartoon of Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter crash, aired 2016
- Boston bombing
- Trump Presidency
- Harvey Weinstein
- Kevin Spacey

Several days before the so-called crash, LABRON JAMES surpassed KOBE to become the 3rd highest scorer of all time, pushing KOBE to number 4.
3 = "SATAN"
4 = "FRUIT"

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VIDEOS and PICS found here, from article (link below) speculating KOBE faked his death (false messiah to be raised from the dead?):

And when I first clicked on the above article, then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "5:15 pm" and GOD wrote the following:

And then later again, the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "8:47 pm" and GOD wrote the following:

 And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:20 pm" and GOD wrote the following:

And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:24 pm" and GOD wrote the following:

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I call out to all the EMPLOYEES of the FAKE GOVERNMENTS, I call out to all the military men and women of the FAKE MERCENARY MILITARIES, and I call out to all ABLE BODY MEN and WOMEN in positions of AUTHORITY, to tell you, that JEHOVAH (GOD) calls on you to ACT NOW, to SEIZE those who would use BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS to GENOCIDE the populations of earth.  WE THE PEOPLE of EARTH will grant you IMMUNITY from PROSECUTION, and JEHOVAH (GOD) declares this to be the TRUTH.  You can cease fighting a TWO-FRONT WAR, and JOIN FORCES with THE PEOPLE, and ARREST all the TRAITORS, and RIP-OFF the BANDAID and EXPOSE the FAKE LEGAL SYSTEM, and EXPOSE the FAKE GOVERNMENTS.

JEHOVAH (GOD) despises LYING, and every time you pretend to SHIELD the PUBLIC from the TRUTH you are LYING to GOD, and GOD does despise LYING.


INSTRUCTIONS gifted by GOD to me, TO GIVE to YOU:
BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I am the doorstep, and I am the stumbling block."  Please hear my plea for you to declare your covenant.
Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I am an INFANT, born again of HEAVEN on my 40th birthday when I happen to declare a COVENANT, asking GOD to protect my family from the FAKE GOVERNMENT (United States, for profit foreign owned corporation), and GOD responded to my attempts to make contact.  Just as it was for MOSES in his 40th year, GOD too came to me in my 40th year.  I am an INFANT thus I ask GOD's standing on this article before attempting to publish:

"JEHOVAH a public servant inquires of JEHOVAH to know JEHOVAH's standing on this article being ready to publish?  SO BE IT, AMEN."

Then thereupon saying, "SO BE IT, AMEN" the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:43 pm" and GOD wrote the following:

NOTE: Hebrew reads from RIGHT to LEFT, opposite of English:

And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:54 pm" and GOD wrote the following:

WHY has FAKE DONALD TRUMP o'LUMP not yet EXPOSED the ENSLAVEMENT by the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY and by TRILLIONS of FAKE LAWS (STATUTES) that CREATE TRILLIONS of LOOP HOLES, and WHY does FAKE DONALD TRUMP o'LUMP not EXPOSE the ENSLAVEMENT under the FAKE GOVERNMENTS, for-profit-corporations enslaving every nation on earth, all hired in secrecy, then immediately mothballing the sovereign governance of every nation just as quickly as they were hired as "CARETAKERS" they immediately destroyed the TRUE PUBLIC OFFICES and LAWFUL COURTS of every nation on earth.

REFUSES to DO what GOD asks of HIM!!!


And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "9:59 pm" and GOD wrote the following: 

And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "10:07 pm" and GOD wrote the following:

And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "10:07 pm" and GOD wrote the following:

attached scriptures from "COUNSEL": 

And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "10:37 pm" and GOD wrote the following:

And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "10:52 pm" and GOD wrote the following:

Here is a DEMONSTRATION how the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN is using a "CYPHER" to encode HIDDEN SATANIC LAWFUL PUBLIC NOTICES as they are REQUIRED to tell you what they are doing, per GOD's law of FREE WILL.  This is why they TELEGRAPH all their moves, SATAN is required to do this.

BEZAI say:
"Don't believe me?  Let's look at the abortion laws, and how they contain LAWFUL PUBLIC NOTICE from SATAN and the FALLEN:

HOUSE BILL #2491  (late term abortions)

BEZAI say:
"What does 2491 mean?

BEZAI say:

BEZAI say:
"Did you know that the abortion doctors stab the babies with bicycle spokes and knitting needles as the preferred tool of death?

What does "2490" mean?
And the above "2490" abortion bill was presented on 7/15/1999, which contains a SECRET HIDDEN SATANIC LAWFUL PUBLIC NOTICE:

"7" = To PERISH
"15" = DESIRE


15 is 1+5 = 6 = "SEED of ADAM (Hebrew concordance)
1999 is 1+9+9+9 = 19 = "SLAUGHTER"

So the entire message can be written as:
NOTE: You can look up the "Biblical Concordance" of any number by searching, "STRONGS #" and this way you will be able to decode the "enemy's" "secret hidden satanic messages."

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BEZAI of the House of David say:
"ONE year ago, I contacted C.E.O. TRUMP at the WHITE HOUSE to inform him that I had damning evidence of a conspiracy to poison AMERICANS and FOREIGNERS ABROAD with thousands of used dental filters containing TOXIC MERCURY and BIO-HAZARDS that are exploding on delivery trucks due to manufacturer defects, every manufacturer is complicit, they all explode and leak.  In addition to mercury, these units contain all diseases held by mankind, as the blood, bone, and tissue ends up in these mercury filters (catch mercury sucked up the dental suction.

These exploding mercury-disease bombs being carried by UPS & FED-EX trucks for the last 20 years, currently 80 thousand units being shipped per year in just America alone.  The problem has never subsided, only increased, the shipping carriers know what they are carrying is hazardous, but they don't tell their employees, and the waste is sent in un-marked boxes under a special exempt status called, "Characteristic Sludge." Federal law states the material is exempt from the title "HAZARDOUS" if it is reclaimed, but the moment it spills it becomes HAZARDOUS because you cannot reclaim the mercury and disease that explodes onto the other packages being carried inside the trucks, nor can you reclaim what spills in a truck and is cleaned up by a mop boy and poured down the drain, thrown into the trash, or what is hosed out of a truck onto the ground.  The EPA and the shipping carriers, have been covering it up, hiding it from the shipping carrier employees for 20 years, as the employees do not wear gloves, eye protection, or masks as is required when dealing with this fine metal mercury disease bearing fluids, which become prone to airborne dust once dry.  All parties involved are making a lot of money, even congressmen and senators, receiving money from lobbyists.  The average dental unit (1 years worth of metal), can exceed $2,000, and there is 115,000 dentists in America.

Here is what is being sprayed onto your parcels being shipped to you:
- Tuberculosis
- Aids
- Cancer
- Hep

So I contacted FAKE DONALD TRUMP at the WHITE HOUSE, and I also contacted the FAKE WALL-STREET JOURNAL, and also the FAKE MIAMI HERALD, and NONE of them would return my correspondence.  A bunch of fake puppets like ostriches with their heads in the sand, pretending, "WE DON'T HEAR YOU!"

And this material is not being reclaimed because it is exploding during transit across continents, exploding mercury and every disease known to man all over the trucks, depots, and packages, workers, and despite the shipping carriers knowing what their workers are being exposed to, the carriers quietly decided not to keep spill logs of the events, conveniently sweeping it under the rug.

Let me say it again, the workers at the shipping carriers, do not wear gloves, eye protection, or masks.

So I contacted our new fake PRESIDENT TRUMP, and received no word back (other than the auto-response email from the WHITE HOUSE stating that my email had been received), that was a year ago.  At the same exact same time, I also contacted two major newspapers, the Wall Street Journal, and MIAMI HERALD, they too refused to respond (other than the auto-response emails stating that my email had been received).  I wrote a very exacting synopsis of all the evidence I had collected, with 12 drivers that could testify to the leaking/exploding status of the packages, thousands of photos, video of the packages being unloaded, everything, gift wrapped, NO RESPONSE, even though I have ten years in the industry and our company was the only company in the industry to service other manufacturer's units, we serviced about 10 different units, and they all had the same manufacturer defects.

Before all this happened, I had contacted fake president TRUMP at the WHITE HOUSE informing him of my drawing from a combined experience of a 175 years worth of mining, refining, and geology expertise passed down to me by my teachers, informing him that URANIUM ONE had nothing to do with uranium, and instead was only the sale of AMERICAS most precious ORE RESERVES of GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, and STRATEGIC metals.


I gave example of north-eastern OREGON where URANIUM ONE had claimed a whole mountain of GOLD, SILVER, and COPPER at the southern end of the Eagle Cap wilderness, just NW of Halfway, OR, the mountains on both sides of the historic CORNUCOPIA PLACERS, where the largest underground mining operation had been shut down by WWII and never re-opened, the majority of the ore still in place, and URANIUM ONE could then UNDERMINE the EAGLE CAP WILDERNESS, which was stolen from the people because it houses so much wealth, declared a "PROTECTED WILDERNESS," which is slang for "BIG MONEY DEPOSIT STOLEN by THE QUEEN of ENGLAND."  The next day QANON offered me a job, working for the FBI or the SECRET SERVICE.

AFFIDAVIT of URANIUM ONE (by me, sent to TRUMP):

I sent the above AFFIDAVIT to FAKE TRUMP on DECEMBER 2nd 2018, and Qanon responded the next day:
Since then the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is now covering it up by destroying the records.  I called and spoke with a land specialist at the state BLM, asking for all records of URANIUM ONE claims, and after a lengthy conversation and her trying multiple searches, she could no longer find any record, regardless if she searched, "URANIUM," "ONE," or "URANIUM ONE."  And that is physically not possible because the BLM keeps records of all claims; "OPEN," and "CLOSED." Thanks FAKE TRUMP!!!   And FAKE TRUMP could have used this to BURY the DEEP STATE, but instead he kept it a secret so they could continue stealing and selling out our country's mineral wealth, while genociding mom and pa businesses at the same time by TAX CREDITS and LEGAL FAVOR to large corporations.

When I went to the WASHINGTON COUNTY ELECTIONS OFFICE for the "STATE OF OREGON" corporation, I informed them I wanted to run for 'JUSTICE of the PEACE' for the de jure republic, the second in command told me they already had one, and elections were not for four years.  I kindly explained to her that "their judge" was nothing more than a private corporate administrator for the foreign owned corporation "United States" and I handed them a copy of "An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia - 1871," and I told them that their Justice of the Peace was an encroachment against the name of the republic's lawful public office and lawful courts (an IMPOSTER).  Furthermore, per the terms and conditions of the "United States corporation" being hired to provide government services, their contract (the aforementioned Act of 1871), the "United States corporation" is required to allow Americans to run for de jure public offices such as Justice of the Peace, and it says so right in "section 17."  The head official walked up and said, "What if we created a corporate administrative position for you?"
"Like a full time judgeship?" I responded.
"Yes exactly like that!" she said with a smile.
"No thank you," I responded, "I would like you to release the 9 million people who are rotting in prison for victim-less crimes, being that they never harmed a hair on a living soul, which per the rulings of your own U.S. Supreme Court, "A CORPORATION CANNOT BE AN INJURED PARTY, BECAUSE IT IS NOT A REAL LIVING PERSON," which means that every court case where there was NO VICTIM present, and the case read STATE OF OREGON verses JOHN DOE, it was a violation of both U.S. LAW and a violation of the REPUBLIC's founding doctrine, which requires a real living victim."  I was the only one in off the street, and I had 4 fake government employees standing in front of me when she offered me the bribe of a "FULL TIME JUDGESHIP" and she did not even know my name, and their jaws were all on the floor, it was above their pay-grade.

I returned the next day to submit my paperwork to have my name put on the ballot for de jure Justice of the Peace, and was denied (this time I brought a recorder).  Here is the article I wrote, and the recording. If you will listen to the end, you will hear the second in command say that she agrees with me, "ENSLAVEMENT by TRILLIONS of STATUTES is NOT; PEACE and LOVE:

So what I am saying to you is this.  FAKE TRUMP is the CEO for a foreign-owned global crime syndicate conglomerate government servicing providing corporation, and all of the newspapers and media and fake law enforcement agencies and fake intelligence agencies, they all serve this monster which is nothing more than a genocidal machination of SATAN enslaving earth, having genocided an easy couple billion people in the last several hundred years.   Every nation enslaved by the same monster, a fake government corporation, that is "for-proft" "not public," "not lawful," but is pretending to be; public, lawful, but they are FOREIGN-OWNED.  The NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME has enslaved the entire world by fake governments, converted every; man, women, and child on earth into pieces of paper, a corporation and a trust, by committing copyright infringement and paper genocide, by purporting you all to be; an idiot, a ward of the state, or missing presumed dead, and the CESTUI QUE VIE ACT of 1871 is the vehicle for this:

Once you understand this, you realize that an assassination of an Iranian general is all just false flag gearing up for the next fake war.  That guy did a deal with the devil just like TRUMP made a deal with the devil.  When you make a deal with Satan, you are all pawns at his disposal.

FAKE PRESIDENT TRUMP serves a global crime syndicate.  GOD told him no violence, and yet he lured a diplomat of a foreign fake government to a meeting under a banner of peace, and then assassinated that man, in an attempt to cause turmoil and un-rest in the region, in order to gather together GOG and MAGOG for HARMAGEDDON (ARMAGEDDON).  JEHOVAH (GOD) has identified FAKE TRUMP as "THE LAWLESS ONE"

"And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom CHRIST will slay with the breath of His mouth and abolish by the majesty of His arrival.  The coming of the lawless one will be accompanied by the working of Satan, with every kind of power, sign, and false wonder."

TRUMP has revealed himself as the LAWLESS ONE.  He pretends that he is for freedom, yet he refuses to expose the ENSLAVEMENT by the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY, by the CESTUI QUE VIE ACT of 1666, and the "Secret Contract" that gave the reigns of governance of our Republic to a foreign British-owned contractor, doing business as, "United States."

And despite putting my family in harms way, financially and other, JEHOVAH (GOD) told me that I was not fulfilling my duty to GOD and mankind if I accepted the money that our client was trying to pay to exit contract.  The exact words JEHOVAH used were "MAN-SLAYER," because by accepting the money, I would be complicit in the genocide by fake governments and the dental industry for a 100 years of intentional murder and chemical warfare, which has killed tens of millions by way of mercury poisoning (cancer), contaminated the; land, rivers, oceans, fish, animals, the entire food chain.  Doctors prescribed mercury to treat syphilIs, and it killed people.  So a plan was hatched to put mercury in your mouths, combined with copper and silver, which both oxidize and release the mercury into your body like a time release capsule.  The bad guys knew that I was going to release this information when I started writing about it one year ago, so now they are buying up PALLADIUM to make new mercury to put into your mouths that they will tell you in safe, but they LIE.  One year ago, when I started writing, Palladium was $600/troy ounce, and today it is $2,200, and as soon as this article posts, you will see it jump higher.

Our client wrote us a beautiful threatening letter explaining how perfect their product is and how they "DO NOT have a problem."  They were just ready to pay us a severance fee for exiting our contract (3 years remaining), which would have been 7 figures $,$$$,$$$.00, but for all the murdered people by poisonous mercury and the diseases that these monsters have unleashed on innocent peoples, here it is, this is all FAKE TRUMP is WORTH, covering up GENOCIDE, and continuing enslavement.

 This dentist office trap catches mercury, bone, tissue, blood, and disease, and the contents of this container is nearly 50% mercury.  There are 115,000 dentists in America.  It takes a dentist on average 1 year to fill a canister.  These units are being shipped all around the world.  My wife and I owned the only company in the world to refurbish 3rd party "amalgam separators" and we would service and refurbish about 10 different manufacturer units, and they all explode and leak in the mail.  These units have been shipping for 20 years.  This photo was taken recently.  We have a list of 12 different drivers who drove the UPS truck on our training route.  They would handle these units without gloves, without eye-wear, without masks.  The drivers told us the packages would leak and "SPIT" all over the UPS depots and trucks and employees, which we obviously knew by the appearance of the packages and the exploding/leaking contents.  Relations with our client started going down hill when we demanded to notate every leaking package on the excel spreadsheet we would send back to the client every week, which they heavily fought against.  We also supplied a list of 12 manufacturer defects to the client, and they responded with a threatening letter of how wonderfully engineered their product is and how "WE DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM."  The unit in the photo above, has broken apart at its welded joint, where the glue bonds the joint, the threaded/gasket cap is still firmly screwed down complete with good sealed gasket.  The sludge off-gasses once the units are packaged, and the building pressure, causes them to explode.  In our ten years in the industry, we have never seen a unit that does not leak or explode.

TRUMP waves GOD around like a flag, but then refuses to listen to GOD, because TRUMP is an ANTI-CHRIST, which by definition is someone who opposes CHRIST (yours truly).  JEHOVAH told FAKE TRUMP to free the slaves by exposing "Babylon the Great" (the pyramid scheme of fake governments all nested underneath the parent corporation that owns the "United Nations" and "BRICS Nations" corporations, aka The NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME and TRUMP refused.

GOD told TRUMP to expose the enslavement by the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY and how it genocides innocents by the legal definition "PERSON," and FAKE TRUMP refused:
Do you see how the above legal definition permits GENOCIDE in "TWO WAYS?"
-  Corporations and fake government is not liable for murdering people.
-  Poor people can't afford lawyers, so they can be killed at will, no repercussions, because they cannot find the necessary "statute" amongst trillions of other statutes to allow them to collect restitution.

Every; man, women, and child on earth, paper genocided by the CESTUI QUE VIE ACT of 1666, and FAKE TRUMP refused.  So now GOD is left with no other choice than to expose FAKE TRUMP for what he is, and to slay him with the TRUTH, that being, TRUMP has covered up the paper GENOCIDE of people, by converting them into "franchise corporations."
The Mention of ONE is the EXCLUSION of all OTHERS (Legal Maxim, Blacks Law)  (How to hide TREASON in plain sight).  
"The United States geographically speaking includes the District of Columbia and the STATES.
 "STATE is defined as including the District of Columbia."  Therefore all others are excluded.  State = District of Columbia, and "United States" corporation is only inside the District of Columbia.  Thus the criminals do not answer for their crimes, and they do not pay taxes.  This is why FAKE TRUMP said "I DON'T PAY FEDERAL TAXES because I"M SMART!"
Federal IRS STATUTE 7701:

Before fake government took over, the law of the land was "DO NO HARM."  But the law we have today is, "DON'T GET CAUGHT," with trillions of statutes to predatory break up and destroy mom and pa business, and anyone who is not part of the Satanic Illuminati Club.  Under a "DO NO HARM" system of law, companies cannot genocide people and then kick back and say, "WELL THERE ARE NO STUDIES or STATUTES TO SAY THAT MERCURY DENTAL AMALGAM IS LETHAL?"  Because in a "DO NO HARM" system of law, it is easily proven that mercury is both harmful to almost all wildlife, including fish, and mammals, like humans.  And in fact the evidence of mercury being leached out of oxidizing copper and oxidizing silver fillings, is already proven, photos of decayed fillings are worth a thousand words.

And even if the filling was made with palladium mercury alloy(next attack), abrasian degraded and broken fillings pieces are swallowed, sulfuric acid in your stomach does the rest, let alone the waste streams continuing to intentionally pollute our world, being covered up.

These mercury bombs/bio-weapons called "Amalgam Separators," have been exploding in the mail for more than 20 years.  Its so bad that FED-EX refuses to ship them anymore.  The truck drivers have been stepping in puddles of this stuff and tracking it onto the ground for 20 years, and it only takes a pinhead sized piece of mercury to contaminate an olympic swimming pool.   Watersheds protection?  PLEASE!  The EPA are CRIMINALS with their hands out, same for the rest of the FAKE U.S. GOVERNMENT, they hide behind "contractual agreements," they break everyone of their own laws, then skewer the poor man, and rape the middle class, until the strong are genocided and the weak are all that's left.

EPA is complicit in MERCURY POISONING just like the CIA and DEA are complicit in DRUG TRAFFICKING, the legal term for it is called, "ENTRAPMENT," and that is what is happening when the EPA helps big corporations pollute the environment, then works with those same big corporations to bribe fake congressmen and fake senators with lobbyist money to pass new laws and new taxes so that the same bad guys who made the mess can get paid to clean it up, "ENTRAPMENT!"

And the dental offices that are not shipping this stuff, if they have septic systems, they are polluting the ground water with a 50 gallon drum worth of mercury waste ever 20 years.  And when the septic hole fills up, they just dig a new one.  And the waste water treatment plants that have been hoarding this valuable precious metals waste for WASTE MANAGEMENT INC and others for 90 years, has been losing 30 percent of the fines to both dissolved mercury passing through the gravity separation traps, and the fines that are created by the hygienist polishing the teeth which float and do not sink and cannot be caught by gravity, and this mercury has been contaminating the waterways and oceans, fish and wildlife, and the solids that get caught up in the dried dewatered poop are spread on farmers fields.  We are talking about a gross intent to genocide with mercury and disease, all the while these fake government and corporate monsters know exactly what mercury does, because they've been genociding innocents with it since they prescribed it for the treatment of siphilis more than a hundred years ago, and it killed everyone.   Then these fake governments tell you they need to TAX YOU in order to fix a problem that they WILLFULLY and GENOCIDALLY decided to CAUSE.


TRUMP's job as C.E.O. is to limit liabilities and increase profits for a fake government corporation who offers you the silver, and if you refuse it, they give you the lead.  I contacted FAKE TRUMP and the FAKE WALL-STREET JOURNAL and the FAKE MIAMI HERALD, to expose this crime being purported by many different entities, and to be a whistle blower to expose genocide using chemical and biological warfare of mercury and disease, having a degree in electrical engineering, 10 years in the amalgam waste business, and 4 years in the precious metals refining business where I smelted and chemically refined more than $400 million in; GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, and PALLADIUM, and when I contacted them with a SUMMARY of CRIMES, they ALL refused to respond.

And, when they came for me and my pregnant wife, the Washington County sheriffs detoured us and shut down the entire 4 lanes of HWY 26 (west of Portland, Oregon ZOO), just to get us all alone on the freeway, then an un-marked car tried to ram us into the median at a construction site while going some 60 miles per hour.  The silver Volvo station wagon tried to swipe us twice, before sticking his hand out the window and cocking his thumb up and down like he was shooting us.  We called the Washington County police and gave them the license plate, and told the dispatch someone tried to murder us, "twice, with their car," and the dispatcher said a detective would call us back immediately, but our attempt to file a report was in vain, they would not call back.  That night when we got home, there was a message comment on, on my most recent article i'd published, and it read,

"How about the liberty locomotion and the right to travel on OPEN and SAFE freeways?" 

The message was posted by an anonymous user going by the name, "JOHN GAULT," which is the name of a brilliant nuclear scientist who was murdered by the fake U.S. government when he discovered clean nuclear energy could be created using geo-thermal combined with the least radioactive isotope, which means it could never go "nuclear meltdown," not enough energy, so it was SAFE NUCLEAR ENERGY.  But the fake governments wanted CHERNOBYL and FUKASHIMA to happen, "Never let a disaster go to waste, and when you can CREATE the DISASTER," because it creates FEAR, and OPPORTUNITY, from TAX INCREASES, and INTENTIONAL SPILLS to CLEAN UP produce trillions of dollars in revenue for large corporations through expenditure of tax payer dollars, and killing the people at the same time, population reduction, keep the slaves to a manageable size, two birds with one stone.  By using the name, "JOHN GAULT," the fake government was saying, "We are going to kill you just like we did to JOHN GAULT."

The enemy knew that I was spending time looking at Qanon and @TheRealrAnoN, and so it was easy for them to send messages (offers/threats).  But when I refused their offers, and I continued writing how TRUMP was not doing anything (fake TRUMP), how he was wasting the BULLY PULPIT taking about how great he is, I received the below threat LOUD & CLEAR:

This is the threat that caused me to drop to my knees and declare my covenant to GOD in exchange for GOD protecting my family.  That was just before my 40th birthday.  And on my 40th birthday (4/11/2019), GOD came to me, and told me that a mission was laid out for me, that it was mine, and that I could not refuse it.  Just as GOD came to Moses in his 40th year, so was it for me.  Then began my training to be the final return of CHRIST, now, at THE END of THE AGES.  The declaring of a COVENANT is the "LIGHT SWITCH" that connects you to GOD, otherwise you are a child of Satan because per the rules of the contest of Satan's judicial appeal to his execution, he requested to sift you like wheat, the wicked burning with him because mankind's wickedness broke up the family of JEHOVAH (GOD), thus Satan has temporary authority over the earth (up to the upper air) and you are all his subjects until you declare a COVENANT, because the Angels of GOD were so angry at mankind that they decided Satan should be able to take the wicked with him into the eternal furnace where you will all burn with him if you fail to hear my words, thus I am "THE DOORWAY," and "I AM the STUMBLING BLOCK."

And so I have come now, at THE END of THE AGES, to give you THE SIGN of JONAH, that if left un-changed, your destruction is imminent, but that you all have a choice.  If you all repent by declaring a COVENANT, you can save yourselves and the earth.  If only some of you repent, then the rest who refuse, will burn with Satan, as Satan asked to sift you like wheat, for it was the wickedness of mankind that caused the angels of JEHOVAH to rebel in mutiny, the angels of the assembly were so angry that they voted in favor of Satan's appeal, thus the fallen angels lead by Satan are leading you all to your destruction, to burn with them in the eternal furnace.

The only salvation is to return to GOD's wing of protection, by declaring a COVENANT to SERVE; GOD, Christ, and the FLOCK of GOD.  Without a COVENANT it is impossible to satisfy the "TWO GREATEST COMMANDMENTS":

1)  Love your GOD with all your; heart, mind, body, and soul.
2)  Love your neighbor as Christ loves you.

Here are the instructions which GOD gave me, to give to you, to save the souls of you, everyone you love, and your neighbors too (you must render willing service to all in need).

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I am the doorstep, and I am the stumbling block."  Please hear my plea for you to declare your covenant.
Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

FAKE TRUMP is protecting the foreign owned corporation, "United States," but a man cannot serve two masters, thus TRUMP has refused to serve GOD by refusing to set free all the slaves of BABYLON the GREAT, the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, who turned every; man, women, and child into a piece of paper (CESTUI QUE VIE ACT of 1666), and thus fake TRUMP o'LUMP is protecting the elite's failsafe plan.  Listen to the uniformed officer discuss FEMA's plan for patriots and GOD loving peoples:

GOD says your chance to declare a COVENANT is nearly out of, "TIME" by Hans Zimmer


3 sides, "3" = "SATAN" where "Abaddon, is the angelic name of Satan."
3 sides plus 3 corners equals 6, "6" = "The SEED of ADAM to PERISH."
14 levels including base and capstone (eye), 14 = "to BE WILLING, to CONSENT"

MDCCLXXVI (message on pyramid)

D = 4 = "FRUIT"
C = 3 = "SATAN"
L = 12 = "BOUNDLESS" (can also mean "Destruction" but we already have that with letter, "M")
XXVI (roman numerals) = 26 = "My FATHER is JOY"
X using the above chart, it is 24, and 24 = "INDIGNATION" (a feeling of anger)
XX if added, = 24+24 = 48 = "TO PURIFY, CLEANSE"
VI (roman numerals) = 6, and 6 = "the SEED of ADAM to PERISH":
VI converted using the above chart, = 22 + 9 = 31 = "A MESSAGE, My FATHER is MAJESTY"
XXVI converted using the above chart, = 79, = "TO WRESTLE (a contest), and "TO GET DIRTY."


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"This is further reinforced by the LATIN phrases, having been written by a ROMAN poet, "VIRGIL" further reinforcing that the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME has brought forth enslavement of all peoples on earth, and they have brought the sword.


BEZAI of the House of David say:
"The ENEMY won by consolidating the power in the hands of the few.  It was the colonialists who rose up and formed their county and state level jural assemblies.  But the wealthy British favoring land owners tricked the American colonialists into forming a CON-GRESS, which is a "CON" and a "diGRESS" away from FREEDOM by consolidation of power in the hands of the few, who can then be; bribed, extorted, blackmailed, assassinated, and intimidated.  Whereas at the county and state levels of the jural assemblies, as many people participated as there was desire to fulfill.  Instead of forming a NATIONAL LEVEL JURAL ASSEMBLY, the colonialists were tricked.  And wealthy land owners like GEORGE WASHINGTON (owned 2/3 of all land in America), desired that it was better to negotiate at the end of the war, rather then risk future assassination, thus they sold us out, and BRITAIN masterminded and perfected "THE WEAPON" that would ENSLAVE every nation on earth, "THE FAKE GOVERNMENT."  A FAKE GOVERNMENT by appearances appears normal, but when you analyze the "secret contracts" that hired them, like, "An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia - 1871,"

The first paragraph of the treasonous ACT of 1871, proves that the "United States" and the "United States of America" are two separate entities, one is the REPULIC and the other, the "United States" is a foreign-British-owned corporation, a government service provider corporation, pretending to be lawful governance, but the people were never told, thus it is fraud and treason.

Section 17, is where we find all of the terms and conditions of the contract, written in and read into the public record, just in case the public found out, so that the masterminds would possibly evade a military tribunal and firing squad.  Please notice that all these terms and conditions have been breached, thus the contract is nullified, all that is left is for the people to stand, to form their jural assemblies, and it is the same for every nation on earth.  These contractors have broken all the terms and conditions of their contracts and they have violated every single one of their own trillions of statutes.

SECTION 17 (terms and conditions):
1)  The contractor, "United States" was required to preserve all lawful courts of justice, and preserve all public offices.  Because the REPUBLIC has hired them, they are required to hold open elections for public de jure offices and court positions, but instead they only hold the 'de facto' elections.  When I asked to have my name put on the ballot for de jure 'justice of the peace,' the head of the Washington elections office offered me a bribe of a full time judgeship.  And judging by how she did not care that 3 other government employees were present with their jaws on the floor, this is a regular occurrence, the corporation is uses SILVER and if you refuse it, THE LEAD.  At this time, all public offices and lawful courts have been mothballed, not just in America but for every nation on earth.  Which is why the JURAL ASSEMBLIES must rise, for the contracts that hired the foreign contractors are already breached and nullified if THE PEOPLE of every nation, RISE.

2)  The contractor "United States" cannot limit its liability in part or in whole.  But by simple analysis of the LEGAL DEFINITION of the word, "PERSON," we see that they have breached this clause every way possible:

Legal Definition of "PERSON" from

1)  Converts every; man, women, and child, into a piece of paper.  The judge can use any definition present.  The presence of the latter definition proves the global crime syndicate is using it.  Welcome to Babylon.
2)  Rich people are exalted over the poor people, and ride on their backs, because they can receive justice, because they can afford lawyers to find and search out statutes hidden amongst trillions of other statutes.
3)  Poor people cannot afford even one lawyer, that is why POLICE have been shooting BLACK PEOPLE and HISPANIC people like they are bobbing for apples at the fair, because there is "NO BLOW BACK.  Oh and hey, guess what!  All your famous CIVIL RIGHTS HEROES out there, they knew it, and hid it from you, they took the SILVER just like JUDAS did.  They are disinformation specialists, their job is to keep you SLAVES.

3) And the final clause in SECTION 17.  And I quote, "Nor shall the legislative assembly have power to establish any bank of circulation, nor to authorize any company or individual to issue notes for circulation as money or currency."  This final clause in the "secret contract" that hired the fake "United States," declares that both the FEDERAL RESERVE and the "federal reserve notes," are both ILLEGAL and an ACT of TREASON against AMERICA, against all AMERICANS, and even more important is GENOCIDE of the people of every nation on earth.  When the Queen of England's New Word Order of Rome steals so much from you that it causes you to become homeless, where your family is destroyed, and then you soon succumb to death with a long sigh as you breath your last breath, that is GENOCIDE.  And that is exactly what the Queen of England and her FAKE GOVERNMENTS of the EARTH are doing to; you, your neighbor, your countrymen, and your fellow brothers and sisters of earth, all are enslaved, all are being genocided.  We must UNITE against our ONE COMMON ENEMY, by forming our JURAL ASSEMBLIES to VOID the "SECRET CONTRACTS."

Welcome to the KINGDOM of HEAVEN making FOOTSTOOLS.

And HERE'S their SIGN!

If you look at any of your "TITLE DOCUMENTS" you will see they are using "LEGAL PRESUMPTION" that they "OWN ALL YOUR PROPERTY" because the title document uses the words, "in the STATE OF OREGON," and you should recognize corporations are spelled in all capital letters, so your property inside "THEIR CORPORATION," is using "LEGAL PRESUMPTION" that they "OWN YOUR STUFF," which is why you pay "ROYALTIES, RIGHTS OF USE FEES," in the form of "PROPERTY TAXES and REGISTRATION FEES."

An example, "STATE OF OREGON" is a municipal corporation operating inside the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C., the same for the franchise corporation JEFFREY DOUGHERTY (which is copyright infringement upon my given name), the gears had already been greased by GEORGE WASHINGTON and the other founding fathers for this to happen as ENGLAND had already converted most of the subjects of the entire world into "DEAD THINGS" (corporations, trusts) with the help of the Un-Holy Roman Catholic Church and the passing of the "CESTUI QUE VIE ACT of 1666," which is the vehicle for converting you all into "idiots, wards of the state, or missing presumed dead people."

Each one of you has been made into a franchise corporation:

Let's demonstrate how you've been converted into a FRANCHISE CORPORATION owned by your FAKE GOVERNMENT (you are a dead thing, easy to genocide things when they are already dead on paper).

(above) You have been converted into a "two" pieces of paper, a corporation, and a trust.

(below) The fake government is only inside the CAPITAL of your nation.  The treason is hidden in plain site, cryptically, like code, it must be unlocked, by knowing a legal maxim from the "legal law dictionary," called, "The mention of one is the exclusion of others," also called, "the expression of one thing is to exclude all others."


(below) Now look closely at both 9) and 10) below, and apply what you just learned.  You should determine that the "United States" is only inside the DISTRICT of CRIMINALS (cough), sorry, I mean the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA:

(above) You should have determined in number 10) that "STATE" is only "District of Columbia" because no others are mentioned, thus they are EXCLUDED.  This is how TREASON is hidden in plain sight, and you are made A SLAVE.  Converted you all into batteries to suck the life out of you.  You are being charged to use your own FRANCHISE CORPORATIONS assets, in the form of ROYALTIES and RIGHTS of USE FEES.  Look at any of your TITLE DOCUMENTS, you will see that the STATE or COUNTY is written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, that is the name of a foreign-owned corporation (a fake government), and you should also notice that the TITLE DOCUMENT legally presumes that your property is "INSIDE their CORPORATION" (property of the fake government).  I will give you an example. 

 A title document for a "house" will say, "The property and stick structure are in the STATE OF OREGON."  Well by you signing this fraudulent statement, and by not rebutting it, you are being defrauded as though you gave consent to their legal presumption that they own your house, therefore you are charged rights of use fees called, "property taxes," even though you already own it, regardless of whether you have a mortgage, it is yours, you own it, but they are charging you taxes every year.

Rain water is required to push city poop through the sewers, otherwise it would get backed up with all the metal mercury from the dental offices, that is passing through the waste water treatments plants and genociding the world's food chain, but you are charged TAXES on roof water and lot water, based on the square foot of your property.  The idea is to keep you running on the wheel like a good "slave gerbil," to keep you starved, blind, dumb.  Time to form your jural assemblies, every nation in the world, is suffering the same type of enslavement.  

Below we see number part number 30) which proves that you are a "franchise corporation" owned by the BRITISH-OWNED contractor, and that you have been converted into both a "CORPORATION" and a "TRUST," and that any of the fake courts (administrative hearings) have control and authority over your trust and corporation, presided over by a fake judge (corporate administrator or employee), and that one or more "United States persons" have authority to control the TRUST, so they are using your "FRANCHISE CORPORATION" to control your "TRUST."

NOW lets look at the U.S. STATUTE that defines "FOREIGN PRINCIPAL" and "FOREIGN-AGENT," and you will discover that GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN (situation) is a psychological war against the people to trick you, because EVERY SINGLE FAKE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE is a "FOREIGN AGENT."  But the people of every nation have been "legally defined" into "limbo."
1)  You do not reside in the capital of your nation, thus you are not protected by the laws of the fake government.
2)  But you have been defrauded into becoming a "citizen" of the fake government (a foreign power), and thus you are not protected by the sovereign laws of your original un-incorporated sovereign nation.

Remember to apply what you learned with, "EXPRESIO UNIUS EST EXCLUSIO ALTERAS":

 (above) We see again that you have all been defined as "corporations," as the fake judge can use any definition present, and the fact that "corporation," is there, means that the QUEEN of ENGLAND has defined you as a corporation.

(below) We see in (b)(1) that every fake government employee is a "foreign principal," because they work for the subsidiary corporation owned by the Queen of England, and her subsidiary corporations, "The United Nations corporation," and the BRICS Nations corporation," she owns them all, enslaved every nation by a fake government, a for-profit corporation.  Note the word, "INCLUDES," which therefore means "only these" are "included," all others are excluded:

(above)  The fake governments overcharged for every good and service to enslave you to debt interest payments, all the while the Queen of England and the Synagogue of Satan GENOCIDED the peoples of your nation so that you would hopefully not wake up, population reduction (genocide) keeps the population size at a manageable level to ensure the slaves can be exterminated if necessary, genocide to ensure successful genocide in the even the public wakes up.  

(below) This clause legally defines you into "limbo status" unless you live in the CAPITAL of your nation.  Because everyone in America lives outside of the District of Columbia, they are all defined as "FOREIGN AGENTS, FOREIGN PRINCIPLES."  People wonder why fake judges say, "If you mention your constitutional rights one more time I am going to hold you in contempt of court."  That's because you don't have any rights whatsoever, you have been defined as a "foreigner" in your own land:

 (above) Just to recap, "United States" is only inside "The District of Criminals" known as "The District of Columbia."  The above statement is written very cryptic, let me decipher.  Because you are outside the capital of your nation, you are a "FOREIGN AGENT."   The capital = fake government.  It was set up like this so that CRIMINALS would not have to pay taxes, and would not have to answer for their crimes.  By TRUMP knowing that he is outside the jurisdiction of the fake government, "United States," he doesn't have to pay FEDERAL INCOME taxes.  And that is why TRUMP said, "I don't pay income taxes because I'm smart."  Even your state and county fake governments are nothing more than subsidiary corporations operating "ONLY INSIDE the DISTRICT of CRIMINALS."  Do you understand?  The fake government is pretending on one hand with the CESTUI QUE VIE ACT of 1666 that you are either; an idiot, a ward of the state, or you are missing presumed dead, which places your "corporation/trust" inside the "CAPITAL of your nation" as a "franchise corporation owned by the fake government corporation."  But on the other hand, you yourself are floating around in whatever state or region or county that you live in, and thus when you have run-ins with your fake government, they treat you then as a "FOREIGNER" because they are interacting with you outside of the CAPITAL of your nation.

(below)  This is why the big FAKE GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN case.  Michael Flynn is a TREASONOUS LYING SNAKE for having gone alone with this CHARADE.  The below definitions prove that every employee of the fake governments, which includes every fake mercenary agent of the fake military, they are all collectively defined here as "FOREIGN AGENTS."


Here is "their" SIGN!

"For He must reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet."

BEZAI of the House of David say:

"I am the doorstep, and I am the stumbling block." Please hear my plea for you to declare your covenant."
Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

OUT of LOVE for JEHOVAH, drop to your knees and declare your COVENANT to serve; JEHOVAH (GOD), Christ, and the FLOCK of GOD, (by ministering to all in need).

JEHOVAH has asked me to repeatedly inform you that VIOLENCE is PROHIBITED, and that when you appear before GOD, that mercy shall triumph judgement, thus if you refused to extend mercy, then it shall be JUDGEMENT for YOU.

You have an option to save earth if you choose to follow my instruction which comes from GOD.  I need you to pump the content here to all of your friends and neighbors, we need to wake up the sleeping population as quickly as possible, and we need every nations' peoples to form their jural assemblies NOW, before the next elections.  Now is the time to nullify the "secret contracts" and reinstate LAW and ORDER, which has been lost since SATAN became prince and temporary authority of this world.  The KINGDOM of HEAVEN is NOW, whether you all are permitted to stay is up to you.

BEZAI of the House of David say:
"I have returned ... and JEHOVAH (GOD) sent me with friends... a whopping 144,000 of them, if you are up for a fight, you are one of mine and I love you for it.  But remember, that a warrior prophet of GOD only uses his breath, his pen, and the WORD of GOD.



BEZAI of the House of David say:
"Please know in your hearts that the elite have been using cyphers to pass encrypted messages back and forth between kings and queens since the age that mankind could scratch symbols on clay tablets or papyrus scrolls.  What we have discovered is that the elite (satan worshippers) are using an "CYPHER" that is the "Exhaustive Biblical Concordance of the ancient Hebrew and Greek bibles."  What is that you might ask?  It is the alphabetized list of all the unique words present in both the Hebrew and Greek bibles, thus it converts the words of the ancient Bibles into two lists of numbers and their corresponding Greek and Hebrew words.  The elite use this "CYPHER" to post their "required" LAWFUL PUBLIC NOTICES from SATAN per the rules of GOD's LAW of FREE WILL.  This is why the ELITE telegraph their false flags and tell you what they are going to do before they do it, they are required to, per the rules of Satan's appeal to his own execution, he requested to sift mankind like wheat, and the angels of the assembly were so angry at mankind, they voted in favor of all the wicked of mankind burning with Satan, thus Satan is gathering you up to be destroyed with him.  I believe you will see that GOD's LAW of FREE WILL is the only explanation why GLOBAL CRIMINALS would ever consider TELEGRAPHING their EVERY MOVE.  GOD has confirmed this for me that all of these things I declare to you today to be the TRUTH:

2 heads of wheat (one on each side of globe), "2" = "FATHER"
2 heads of wheat surrounding 1 globe, 3 total, "3" = "SATAN"
4 arch sections per sector of globe (inner circled excluded), "4" = "FRUIT"
5 arches per section of globe, "5" = "UN-PROFITABLE" (a eunuch)
pairs of kernels on each head of wheat, "6" = "the SEED of ADAM to PERISH"
8 sectors of the globe, "8" = "DESTRUCTION"
14 kernels (seeds) per head of wheat, "14" = "TO BE WILLING, to CONSENT"
28 kernels total between two heads, "28" = "My FATHER TOOK KNOWLEDGE"



"For when they say, "PEACE and SECURITY," then SUDDENLY upon them comes DESTRUCTION, as the labor pains to her in a womb having; and no not shall they escape."

BEZAI say:
"Don't believe me?   Let's look at the nearly identical message in front of the RAPE TEMPLE belonging to JEFFREY EPSTEIN:


3 squares inside each other, 3 = "SATAN" = SATAN

SQUIGGLY with "7" parallel lines and "8" parallel lines: 7 = TO PERISH 8 = DESTRUCTION

3 squares inside each other, 3 = "SATAN" = SATAN

2 squares inside each other, 2 = "My FATHER"
SQUIGGLY with 6 parallel lines and 7 parallel lines: 6 = ABEL son of ADAM = SEED of ADAM 6 = TO PERISH 7 = "TO PERISH"
1 square, 1 = My FATHER
14 stripes (blue, white, below), 14 = "WILLING, and CONSENTS" = TO BE WILLING, CONSENT

BEZAI say:

Legal Definition of "PERSON" from


1)  Converts every; man, women, and child, into a piece of paper (a corporation). The fake judge (corporate administrator) can use any definition present. The presence of the latter definition (a corporation) proves the global crime syndicate is using it. Welcome to BABYLON the GREAT, the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, all owned by the QUEEN of ENGLAND.

2)  Rich people are exalted over the poor. The rich can afford justice because they can afford the lawyers required to search out statutes hidden amongst trillions of statutes. This also allows the rich to capitalize on the poor because the poor are unable to receive justice.

3)  Poor people cannot afford justice, they cannot afford the lawyers to search out the hidden statutes. This is why we have police corruption, this is why we have corporations who make decisions based on the predicted outcome of cost verses profit when it comes to analyzing class action lawsuits against them.  Whereas our before our nation was betrayed by TREASON when TRAITORS hired a "foreign-owned-corporation," named, "United States," to provide government services, before that, our nation was run on a legal system called, "COMMON LAW," which meant "DO NO HARM," and you only needed that ONE LAW, whereas now we have a LEGAL SYSTEM of "DO NOT GET CAUGHT," because with TRILLIONS of STATUTES there are TRILLIONS of HOLES, to allow CRIMINALS with LAWYERS the ability to MURDER and GENOCIDE and get away "SCOT FREE."  The lawyers have taken away the key of knowledge, so if you cannot afford lawyers, you are afforded no justice.


I, BEZAI of the House of David, by the authority given to me by GOD and to fulfill the responsibility of being GOD's voice on earth to instruct MANKIND now at the END of the AGES, I call out to all those in positions of authority, to declare your COVENANT to GOD and to then SEIZE the CRIMINALS who are ENSLAVING and GENOCIDING the innocent people of earth.  JEHOVAH (GOD) guarantees all those who assist in this peaceful overturn of the FAKE GOVERNMENTS enslaving every nation on earth, will be granted IMMUNITY from PROSECUTION for all crimes, regardless, a ONE-TIME "GET-OUT-OF-JAIL-FREE-CARD."

GET on your HORSE and GET-R-DONE!

And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "11:24 pm" and GOD wrote the following:

 attached scripture from "TO BUILD":

And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "11:56 pm" and GOD wrote the following:

attached scripture from "a LOAN":

attached scriptures from "TO ASK, SEEK": 

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