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Grow Tips - Transitioning to Coco Fiber - January 2020

By: Ben Horner

One choice of soilless media when growing marijuana is Coco.  Coco is made from coconut husk fiber and is an excellent substrate that promotes almost perfect drainage.  Many growers are making the transition to coco because of the epic results produced.  Here are tips for growing with Coco:

1. Rinse your coco well.  Using a pH meter, check the water and make sure that the soil is properly balanced at 6 pH.  To do this, measure the water going in and coming out while rinsing the coco. Continue rinsing with clean, 6 pH purified water until residual salts and acids are flushed out.
2. Mix your coco with 50% perlite. This will add nitrogen and add oxygen to the roots.

3. Constantly check the PH of your feeding water. The PH of the water is crucial to plant health with soilless mediums. 

4. Use the feed to drain ratios for nutrients. Plants will rely completely on the teas, organics or chemical fertilizers that you give them. Growers need to pay constant attention to the plants leaves for any signs of nutrient deficiencies.  

5. Watering will need to happen everyday, at least once a day. Using an automatic drip watering system is what most coco growers like doing.

6. Flush weekly to keep roots healthily. If your plants show any signs of nutrient deficiencies, flush first before adjusting your plants feeding regiment.

7. Make sure you use the appropriate sized pot that allows for maximum run off. Using a watering table with a drain is the best method if you are feeding with drip system.

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