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Facts the Wall Street Journal overlooked

The Wall Street Journal ran a piece, "How Trump Has Kept Solid GOP Support Throughout Impeachment." The story made it seem like President Donald John Trump has twisted arms and bribed Republicans to get them to toe the line. His innocence -- indeed, no crime is cited in the articles of impeachment -- does not seem to come into play in the minds of the people now at the helm of what was once America's finest newspaper.

But the main reason Republicans stick with The Donald is he is good president. He is fulfilling his promises, as well as the broken promises of the two Bushes.

He is the Postman of Presidents because he delivers. This is the story.

Instead, a trio of reporters wrote, "The unity is the byproduct not only of a White House charm offense this fall and widespread Republican concerns about the fairness of the impeachment process, but more broadly the president’s personal powers of persuasion and his raw political power over the party, fueled by an intensely loyal base of GOP voters. As has been the case since Mr. Trump ascended to the GOP throne, Republicans who dared step out of line faced his Twitter outrage, meeting the wrath of the president’s base.

"The stark tribalism has led those who want long-term futures in the party to get in line behind the president and those who have had enough to retire quietly without risking a noisy and disruptive exit. Twenty-six House Republicans have announced they are leaving the House since the 2018 midterm elections, when the party’s moderate wing took major casualties as Democrats won the majority. Not one of those retirees, including several moderates, voted against the party line on impeachment."

Stark tribalism? I would love to see the Journal piece that described black support of Obama as stark tribalism.

To be sure, the president does raise money for Republicans and he does schmooze. The paper said, "The White House began courting Republican members of Congress, holding a round of lunches at the White House, taking lawmakers on Air Force One and opening up Camp David for weekend getaways. Mr. Trump met with over 120 House Republicans and nearly all 53 Senate Republicans."

And the paper admitted House Democrats ran roughshod over Republicans, which chilled support for impeachment.

The paper said, "Representative Francis Rooney, a moderate Republican from Florida, announced his plan to retire in October, one day after criticizing the White House for its interactions with Ukraine. But he stuck with the president on the House’s impeachment votes, and he said the speed with which Democrats pursued the inquiry rubbed him the wrong way."

They stick mostly because he is getting the job done.
MAGAPILL has a huge list of his accomplishments. On this, the third anniversary of his inauguration, let us review the highlights.

Senate confirms Trump's 170th Federal Judge with even more to come. He stuck by Brett Kavanaugh when things were darkest. 50 of the nation's 179 appellate judges (28%) are President Trump appointees. This is a quick return to sanity, thanks also to Mitch McConnell.

Bills President Trump signed into law include Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, the Future Act (restoring funding for historically black colleges), the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund, the Autism CARES Act, an $867 billion farm bill with Welfare Reform Work Requirements (the USDA doles out food stamps), opioid legislation (aimed at ending abuse), the Music Modernization Act (copyright law), the Criminal Justice Reform Act, and many, many more.

The 2017 tax cuts boosted an already growing economy that is the best this nation has had in 50 years. For the first time in 70 years, the United States is the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas. In a little over 3 years since his election, Donald Trump has added 11,000 or so points to the Dow Jones Industrial Average -- by far the most points added by any president and a 61% increase.

Deportations are up. The Wall is under construction. And Mexico is protecting our border.

The president has reached new trade agreements with the four largest trading partners: Canada, Mexico, Red China, and Japan, as well as No. 7 South Korea. Once it leaves the EU, Great Britain plans to reach a new trade agreement with the USA.

All our NATO allies are starting to fulfill their military funding obligations. The top 4 terrorist leaders have collected their virgins in the last six months.

Republicans know actions speak louder than words. When you talk as loud and as often as Donald Trump, you had better be able to deliver the goods. He has and he does.

The only problem on his third anniversary is that it means there are only five years left in his presidency.

These are the best eight years of our lives. Enjoy them.

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