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Even Rolling Stone calls it Fake News

There are a few objective reporters left in Washington. Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone almost fits that category but he is fervently against the president. However, he avoids the traps of the echo chamber and Democrat talking points. His review of the media in 2019 was a wrecking ball applied to a tenement that should be razed.

The secondary headline was a keeper: "Corrections went out of style, bombshells fizzled, and too much of what we watched and read felt like insider propaganda."

The irony is the media sees itself as a defender of the truth when in fact is disseminates lies about the president day and night.

Taibbi wrote, "By almost any measure this was one of the worst years in the history of commercial news media, performance-wise, and the problems were far from exclusive to the political right.

"This was a year in which chickens came home to roost in the fully divided landscape of the corporate press. Screw-ups became routine, as news agencies targeting all types of audiences began to realize their demographics would not punish them for getting things wrong, so long as underlying messages were pleasing. Corrections went out of vogue for the same reason."

He catalogued the stories. After taking a potshot at Fox News, he got down to business with his second volley.

He wrote, "Reports by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz exploded claims that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen had met with Russian hackers in Prague, that probable cause existed to believe Trump aide Carter Page was a foreign agent, that Russia and Trump were communicating via a secret Internet server, that evidence existed of Russian efforts to sexually blackmail Trump, that Russians had vetoed Mitt Romney as Secretary of State, and many others.

"Other bombshells, like that Trump had directed Cohen to lie to Congress (one of the first big stories of 2019) or that the Trump campaign had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence, died on the launch pad. Two constant media preoccupations of the past three years – that Mueller was 'closing in' on proof of a Putin-Trump conspiracy that would result in Trump’s imminent resignation or indictment – also blew up this year, prompting near-zero reflection in an industry that secured record ratings and banked billions in profits humping these themes."


Remember, the Pulitzer Committee in consecutive years praised the coverage of the Russian Collusion story -- which was Fake News.

The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and others colluded with Democrats in Obama's failed attempt to overturn the 2016 election results. This sedition undermined President Donald John Trump's efforts to end nuclear proliferation and negotiate trade deals with foreign governments. They did so through anonymous sources who repeatedly lied.

It is impossible to deny being an enemy of the people when you act like one.

Sadly, Taibbi failed to rake the media over the coals for harassing Nicholas Sandmann, then 16, in a case that already brought a large settlement from CNN. But at least someone in the bubble noticed they are running out of oxygen.

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