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Cavuto owes Trump an apology

Last August, Neil Cavuto of Fox News achieved a journalistic nirvana as the leftist media embraced his commentary on tariffs. The Daily Beast crowed, "Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Tells Viewers Trump Is Wrong: ‘China Isn’t Paying These Tariffs. You Are.’" He was in Shep Smith territory.

The fake conservative American Enterprise Institute heaped praise as well in a post, "Neil Cavuto schools Tariff Man on his stubbornly repeated clueless ignorance about who actually pays tariffs."

Cavuto is a typical globalist who pretends Red China's invasion in American markets is "free trade."

Just as NPC liberals say Orange Man Bad, globalists say Tariffs Bad.

Cavuto commented on his Fox News show on August 2, "I don’t know where to begin here, but just to be clarifying here, China isn’t paying these tariffs; you are. You know, indirectly and sometimes directly. It’s passed along to you through American distributors and their counterparts in the United States who buy this stuff from the Chinese and then have to pay the surcharges — not the Chinese government or China in particular…..

"This latest round of tariffs that kick in on September 1 on $300 billion worth of goods at 10%, which will most directly be felt by consumers directly, because that happens on almost entirely consumer items rather than industrial-related items, but just wanted to clarify that. Governments don’t pay these things; you do, one way or another."

But Red China did eat the tariffs. There was no sudden 10% hike in prices to cover the tariffs because that would have hurt business. Red China wanted to keep market share. Red China's trade surplus with the United States alone is $365 billion. Eating $30 billion a year in tariffs made sense in the short term.

The tariff was not imposed as a tax to generate money for the Trump administration, rather it was leverage in President Donald John Trump's negotiations on trade with Chairman Xi.

Tariffs had already led to new trade deals with Canada, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea. Tariffs also convinced Mexico to protect our border while we build a wall.

This week, President Trump inked the initial trade deal with Red China.

Cavuto said it is a very big win for President Trump if Red China follows through. And he made the same trust-but-verify argument the president made in August.

What Cavuto did not do was apologize for getting this tariff wrong. Consumers did not see a 10% increase in Made in Red China products. It was not even close.

The idea is laughable that a millionaire TV personality thinks he can school a billionaire head of an international resorts and casino company on economics.

The moral of the story is simple. If lefty journalists are praising you, you probably are doing it wrong.

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