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Advice Democrats should take

Jake Novak at CNBC wrote a good piece, "Democrats need to accept these 3 truths to beat Trump in 2020." It is advice I hope Democrats are too arrogant to take.

The truths are self-evident:
  1. Trump didn’t steal the 2016 election.
  2. The economy is doing well, even for the little guy.
  3. Stop denigrating the voters.
His point on the first one is that Democrats have wasted time and have not learned from their defeat.

Novak wrote, "Just like in sports, the worst way to overcome a loss in politics is to go around believing you didn’t really lose and no real improvements or changes need to be made by your team to win next time.

"Now just imagine if the Democrats spent as much time and effort on winning back the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin as they have been in pursuing the Russia collusion obsession and the impeachment process. If the latest polls in those states tell us anything, those other efforts have only made things worse for the anti-Trump forces. It’s time to cut bait on the stolen election illusion."

What does history say?

Some Democrats refused to accept defeat in 2000, and that helped prevent John Kerry from winning in 2004.

Now most Democrats have refused to accept defeat in 2016.

Democrats had a plurality of votes in both elections and still managed to lose. That is rare. A smart people would have figured out how to flip some states and win.

The second point is that the economy is not a winner for Democrats. President Trump has delivered on his promise of making America great again.

Novak wrote, "The problem for Democrats now is not only the fact that the overall economy and Wall Street are strong, but even Americans further down the income scale are now experiencing record wage gains. In fact, new data shows that the labor market has become so tight that rank-and-file workers are now getting bigger percentage raises than the bosses and top management."

It is hard to argue the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer when the poor are getting richer.

I disagree with Novak's solution for Democrats.

He wrote, "But all is not lost for Democrats when it comes to economics, thanks to the sticky issue of health care. As health care insurance costs continue to rise, voters from both parties are still ranking health care very high on their list of top concerns going into 2020."

The Obamacare debacle cost Democrats any credibility on the health care. He is correct. They do need to change the subject from the economy because that is President Donald John Trump's strength.

Finally, Novak wrote about calling Trump supporters deplorable. He said, "The 'we think you’re stupid and we hate and fear you… now vote for us' line has never worked because there’s no way it can."

Democrats need to win over at least some of President Donald John Trump's voters to win because that is how you win.

Donald Trump managed to woo enough Obama supporters to flip six states Obama carried in 2012, including the bellwether state of Ohio.

Victor Davis Hanson gave a good explanation of the task Democrats face.

He wrote, "My reasons for thinking Trump was going to be elected in 2016 were entirely unscientific. One of my Hoover Institution colleagues recently reminded me of my data-free, amateurish and bothersome predictions. I teach for three weeks at Hillsdale College every September during my vacation from the Hoover Institution. Each morning I try to ride a bike 15-18 miles out into the Michigan countryside. I have been doing that since 2004. Over the previous 12 years even this conservative rural Michigan county had showed no real excitement over George W. Bush, John McCain or Mitt Romney. But in 2016, Trump signs — both professionally made and hand-painted — had sprouted everywhere, on barns, lawns and sheds. Whatever Trumpism was, lots of southern Michiganders seemed ready for it. Six weeks ago, I rode the identical rural Michigan routes. Sometimes I stopped and talked to a few people. The script was almost predictable. After the requisite throat-clearing — ‘Trump should cut back on the tweeting,’ they said — they were even more eager to vote for him this time than last."

It comes down to winners and losers.

Donald Trump is a winner. Democrats are losers. Sore losers at that.

I do not know how Democrats can win. I do know that Novak is correct. Democrats do need to learn from 2016. Democrats do need an issue. And Democrats do need to quit denigrating the very people they need to win over.

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